Giants Planet, a groundbreaking blockchain-driven phygital economy, is about to make waves with its ‘Founding Explorers’ collection launch on the Magic Eden Bitcoin marketplace. This esteemed collection offers more than just digital collectibles; it promises a slew of benefits, including coveted pre-IPO shares of the parent company. Mark your calendars for August 29, 2023, at 3 PM UTC, as 222 limited-edition Bitcoin collectibles (Ordinals) are released.

Exploration Meets Earnings

Inspired by the “explore-to-earn” concept, Giants Planet users can collect, trade, and explore their digital assets to earn real-world rewards. The Giants Planet team, in collaboration with Magic Eden, has worked tirelessly to bring this highly anticipated event to life. 2MR Labs, the parent company, is excited to launch this collection on the promising Bitcoin network.

A Collective Odyssey Begins

The Founding Explorers collection symbolizes the start of an extraordinary journey where the community actively contributes to Giants Planet’s growth and success.

Key Collection Details

Supply: 222

Price: Free

Mint Date: August 29, 2023

Mint Time: 3 PM UTC

Mint Platform: Magic Eden Bitcoin Launchpad

For more information on minting your Founding Explorers, stay tuned to Giants Planet’s Medium.

A Collaborative Vision

2MR Labs and Giants Planet have strategically partnered with prominent Web2 and Web3 investors to not only ensure a successful collection launch but also shape the future of tokenizing real-world assets (RWA), making it accessible to all.

Leaders Share Their Excitement

Arthur Lin, Founder of Giants Planet and 2MR Labs, expresses his enthusiasm for the event and the effort behind making this collection a free opportunity for everyone. Nick, Senior Bitcoin Ecosystem Manager of Magic Eden, is thrilled about this humble yet ambitious launch, while Charlie Hu, Director of The Ordinals Council and Managing Director of LucidBlue Ventures, sees it as a way to empower individuals by tokenizing real-world assets.

Revolutionizing Investment

The trend of tokenizing real-world assets, a focus of 2MR Labs, has the potential to democratize investment opportunities by representing tangible assets digitally on blockchain platforms. As technology advances and regulations evolve, this trend is poised to redefine how we perceive and invest in tangible assets.

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