Sendbird has just announced a game-changing update: the availability of its enterprise Salesforce Connector for businesses. This update promises to elevate the efficiency of customer service teams significantly. Here are the key highlights:

A Leap in Integration Efficiency

The Sendbird Salesforce Connector is set to transform the world of customer support. Rather than investing time and resources in creating in-house integrations to link top-tier customer service chat with Salesforce Service Cloud, businesses can now instantly integrate their systems using Sendbird’s Salesforce Connector. What used to take 1-2 weeks can now be accomplished in less than a day.

Meet Sendbird SmartAssistant

The highlight of this update is the Sendbird SmartAssistant, a groundbreaking conversational AI solution. This innovative AI chatbot is highly customizable and doesn’t require any coding. It seamlessly integrates into a company’s support workflows, making customer interactions richer and more rewarding, all within the company’s mobile app.

Sendbird’s CEO on the Impact

John S. Kim, CEO and Co-founder of Sendbird, expressed the transformative impact of the Salesforce Connector: “Agents have all of the tools and answers they need right at their fingertips to solve even the most complex problems with ease. And with SmartAssistant, agents can help more customers than ever before with new levels of personalization and efficiency.”

The Growing Market for Communication API Platforms

The global communications API platform market is rapidly expanding. Companies increasingly recognize the critical importance of seamless communication within apps, websites, and services. With Sendbird’s SmartAssistant feature, interactions become even more engaging and helpful.

APAC Region and Singapore’s Digital Economy

In the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, markets like Singapore are heavily reliant on the digital economy. This is particularly evident in the fintech sector, with investments reaching US$4.1 billion in 2022 compared to US$2.3 billion in 2020. Digital payments are also on the rise, with an expected 4.58 million users by 2027. The opportunities for communication API platforms are abundantly clear.

The Indonesian Market

Indonesia is another rapidly growing market for communication API platforms, especially in digital payments. Forecasts predict a continuous increase of over 50.8 million users (over 25%) between 2023 and 2027. The user count is expected to reach a peak of 247.26 million users in 2027.

Salesforce Connector’s Superior Capabilities

Salesforce Connector offers superior chat capabilities, including rich media attachments, image moderation, webhooks, and customizable end-user experiences. With the integration of the AI chatbot, SmartAssistant, Sendbird now provides high-quality responses for support queries. This includes answering frequently asked questions and troubleshooting product issues, ensuring helpful and human-like responses.

Generative AI and Summarize Feature

Sendbird’s generative AI solution empowers users to create AI knowledge chatbots without the need for OpenAI credentials, offering personalized and human-like chatbot conversations that quickly meet customer needs while enhancing agent efficiency. The Summarize feature, powered by ChatGPT, enables agents to receive comprehensive summaries of support chat conversations, eliminating the need to read through entire conversations for effective user support.

Faster Integration and Seamless Updates

With Sendbird Salesforce Connector, organizations receive an out-of-the-box solution with near-instant integration compared to other chat solutions that can take weeks. This translates to faster time to value. Moreover, as a cloud-based solution, it receives continuous updates without any disruption to user experience and zero management demands on teams.

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