In a bid to bolster businesses and cities in the wake of the pandemic’s aftermath, Canon has unveiled its groundbreaking strategic vision, “Smart Tech,” for the Asian market. This innovative initiative encompasses a wide-ranging suite of cutting-edge technologies, reflecting Canon’s pioneering efforts in the digital realm. By offering versatile solutions to complex challenges, Smart Tech aims to empower both businesses and cities to enhance productivity and fortify themselves for the future of work.

The profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on work dynamics has underscored the necessity of preparedness for unforeseen disruptions. The key to swift adaptation lies in heightened agility through automation. Canon recognizes that the integration of productivity-enhancing technologies can equip workers to navigate the dynamic business landscape with increased efficiency.

“The pandemic has imparted to many the valuable lesson of cultivating genuine resilience in an uncertain world,” said Norihiro Katagiri, Senior Vice President of Regional Digital Printing & Business Solution Operations, Canon Singapore. “With this hard-won knowledge at hand, businesses are now seeking innovative solutions to confidently confront and overcome new disruptions that may arise. Through Smart Tech, Canon is committed to providing businesses with the latest technologies and solutions to navigate these challenging times.”

Smart Tech’s foundation is built on three fundamental pillars: Smart Workplace, Smart Vertical, and Smart Surveillance.

The Smart Workplace pillar addresses the ongoing challenges faced by businesses in managing dispersed teams. From process automation to workforce collaboration, Smart Workplace offers solutions to digitally transform conventional practices, thriving in a blend of remote, in-office, and hybrid work environments. Digitizing information and subsequently digitalizing work processes form the initial steps toward building a smart workplace. This pillar encompasses information management and process automation solutions that optimize data flow, ensuring productivity across distributed teams. It simplifies tasks such as retrieving digital invoices and contracts, which are then routed to the appropriate recipients for prompt approvals. The Smart Workplace eliminates manual processes, facilitating seamless collaboration from any location.

In the Smart Vertical domain, Canon’s profound industry expertise and workflow automation solutions combine to streamline complex, industry-specific workflows. This pillar is designed to help various sectors, such as logistics, adapt to geopolitical shifts and technological advancements while ensuring regulatory compliance. For industries grappling with numerous touchpoints and partners, Smart Vertical creates visibility and accountability in digital document workflows, reducing errors. It also leverages photographic evidence and e-signature capture to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Addressing the need for enhanced urban safety, the Smart Surveillance pillar offers advanced real-time crowd counting video analytics. As urbanization accelerates, densely populated areas face health and safety risks during pandemics and large public events. Smart Surveillance’s advanced technology aids in the early detection of crowd surges, enabling authorities to promptly deploy crowd control measures. This feature can prevent potential disasters and has additional commercial benefits. By analyzing footfall patterns in retail settings, businesses can optimize sales revenue. Moreover, the system enables remote access to security video footage via cloud video surveillance, a departure from traditional on-site systems, enhancing flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

The unveiling of the Smart Tech Business Centre at Canon Singapore’s office adds a tangible dimension to this vision. The center showcases products and solutions from the three pillars, demonstrating their practical applications across various industries. This space offers visitors the opportunity to experience firsthand how these solutions simplify business operations and foster efficient work in diverse environments.

“The pandemic has emphasised the need for businesses to be adaptable and future-ready. Through Smart Tech, Canon stands ready to equip businesses with the latest innovative solutions, enabling them to navigate and overcome new disruptions that may arise while meeting customer demands effectively. We look forward to partnering businesses to shape the future of work, as Business can be Simple with Canon,” said Vincent Low, Head of Enterprise Business, Canon Singapore.

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