A woman in Cincinnati, US, is crediting her Apple Watch for saving her life after it alerted her to a potentially deadly blood clot.

Kimmie Watkins, 29, was feeling unwell and decided to take a nap. While she was asleep, her Apple Watch detected an irregular heartbeat of 178 beats per minute and triggered an alert that woke her up. Watkins headed to her physician, where she was told she had a saddle pulmonary embolism, which has a 50% fatality rate.

Watkins also learned she has a clotting disorder that she never knew about. She’s working on getting her stamina back and is now on blood thinners.

Watkins wears her Apple Watch with pride, hoping her scare will convince others to consider the technology that’s out there. “It might be seen as staying too connected or something, but I think it can be helpful in a health sense, and not just in a connect-to-people sense,” Watkins said.

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