Epson has introduced a new addition to its Label Printer lineup, the Epson TM-L100. This cutting-edge printer is specifically designed to cater to the needs of Quick-Serve Restaurants (QSRs) and food service businesses. With its extensive support for liner-free media, including high-adhesive labels, the Epson TM-L100 offers unparalleled adaptability and performance that business owners in the food industry prioritize.

Enhanced Label Handling for Maximum Efficiency

The TM-L100 outperforms its predecessor, the TM-L90 LFC, in terms of printing speed. It can print at an impressive speed of up to 170mm/s on both receipt and adhesive labels, compared to the TM-L90 LFC’s speed of 90mm/s. Despite this significant speed improvement, the TM-L100 retains its reliability. Equipped with an innovative printer mechanism, it boasts an extended shelf life for liner-free labels, with a print head capable of lasting for 1 million cuts and 10 million lines. For businesses using thermal receipts, the TM-L100 ensures a favorable print head life of 2 million cuts and 20 million lines. This combination of high-speed printing, durable print heads, and robust printer mechanisms guarantees long-term efficiency and reliability in the fast-paced F&B environment.

Sustainability and Versatility in Label Compatibility

The TM-L100 offers unmatched flexibility to business owners by allowing easy switching between different media width jobs. It can print on three different paper widths: 40mm, 58mm, and 80mm. Moreover, this label printer supports paper rolls with a diameter of up to 102mm and is compatible with various liner-free label brands of similar widths. This versatility reduces paper-loading downtime and the cost of purchasing label paper for businesses.

To further enhance its appeal, the TM-L100 is engineered to be environmentally friendly. It utilizes liner-free labels that eliminate the need for a siliconized backing liner, which is commonly found in traditional label rolls and is non-recyclable. By reducing waste from the labeling process and minimizing the materials required to create the labels, Epson contributes to a greener future. Additionally, the labels’ strong adhesiveness eliminates the need for tapes to stick them on, simplifying the order fulfillment process and reducing costs.

Intuitive Features for Seamless Operations

The TM-L100 comes equipped with user-friendly features that optimize operational workflows. It incorporates an intuitive taken sensor that pauses printing until the printed labels are removed. This reduces the chances of human errors in hectic environments. Additionally, the printer allows for 180-degree rotation printing, enabling kitchen staff to conveniently check orders even when their hands are occupied, eliminating the need to tear off the order slip.

Business owners can easily monitor the printer’s status during their day-to-day operations, thanks to the TM-L100’s LED Light panel. This feature promptly flags any ongoing issues, minimizing possible downtime. Furthermore, the printer offers multi-language support, enabling businesses in the international F&B industry to print multiple languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, with UTF-8 font support.

Seamless Integration and Compact Design

The TM-L100 offers comprehensive support and easy integration with users’ existing POS systems to accommodate multiple interfaces in various business environments. With support for Serial and USB (Type-B), business owners can effortlessly synchronize their devices to existing workflow systems, ensuring seamless system configuration and receipt printing.

Designed with wet environments in mind, the TM-L100 features a stylish and metallic water-resistant body with an IP22 equivalent rating. This makes it an ideal solution for food establishments where liquids are frequently present. Additionally, its compact footprint, stainless-steel front panel, and easy-to-clean silicon laminated surface make it perfect for kitchen environments with space constraints.

Derek Tan, Head of Sales and Marketing at Epson Singapore, expressed his excitement about the new TM-L100, stating, “The new Epson TM-L100 is designed to help business owners in the food service industry operate more efficiently by improving their operational workflows with various performance and design features. The water-resistant body, high-speed printing features, and versatile label compatibility offer food business owners in different settings a feasible and flexible solution to handle order transactions in a fast-paced environment.”


The new Epson TM-L100 label printers are already available for sale in the region, providing food service businesses with a powerful and reliable printing solution. With its innovative features, sustainability focus, and user-friendly design, the TM-L100 is poised to streamline operations and enhance efficiency in the QSR and food service industry.

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