Digital employee experience (DEX) technology has emerged as a crucial tool for organizations, providing them with the means to deliver exceptional employee experiences while enabling IT teams to work more efficiently and achieve tangible cost savings. However, existing DEX solutions are often fragmented, requiring multiple platforms and vendors to measure, analyze, deliver, and address workplace experiences.

Recognizing the need for a unified approach, VMware, Inc. has unveiled four significant enhancements to its comprehensive DEX solution. These enhancements include the general availability of DEX for 3rd party managed devices, DEX for VMware Horizon, AI-driven Guided RCA, and an expanded Workspace ONE ITSM Connector for ServiceNow. Together, these innovations reinforce VMware’s commitment to delivering a holistic DEX solution, improving productivity, and enabling faster issue resolution, ultimately leading to higher employee engagement.

In today’s hybrid work environment, organizations across industries are grappling with increased IT incidents and growing employee turnover rates. Addressing these challenges requires prioritizing technology that equips IT teams with the right tools to not only resolve issues swiftly but also prevent them from recurring. Shankar Iyer, Senior Vice President and General Manager of End-User Computing at VMware, emphasized the importance of leveraging automation and data-driven insights to enhance efficiency and provide exceptional experiences for employees.

VMware’s DEX solution takes a significant leap forward by unifying employee experience measurement across all endpoints, whether physical or virtual, and regardless of whether they are managed by VMware or third-party solutions. One key announcement is the general availability of the Digital Employee Experience Management (DEEM) solution for Windows devices managed by third-party solutions. This update ensures that VMware’s entire DEX offering, including Intelligent Hub, DEEM, and Assist, is now accessible for these devices. Customers can now deploy and expand their DEX solutions with greater flexibility, even if they have standardized on other management solutions.

For customers seeking to extend measurement to virtual apps and desktops, VMware has made DEEM generally available for VMware Horizon. This empowers customers to measure and analyze end-user experiences using Horizon virtual apps and desktops, providing insights into network performance, log on time, and VM performance. By proactively alerting IT teams to changes in the experience score for Horizon, automated notifications enable efficient issue resolution, leveraging the Horizon platform for work.

A comprehensive approach to DEX enables IT teams to remediate a broader range of issues and adopt a proactive “shift left” strategy. VMware offers the only comprehensive solution that creates a closed loop cycle, utilizing holistic experience data to resolve issues proactively and continually enhance employee experiences. Leveraging the unified endpoint management capabilities of VMware Workspace ONE, customers gain access to a wide range of remediation capabilities.

To ensure efficient issue resolution, service desk teams are vital in providing frontline support to employees. VMware addresses this by extending the same experience data viewed in Workspace ONE to ServiceNow via the ITSM Connector. This integration enables service desk teams to troubleshoot and resolve issues more effectively. The latest innovations to ITSM Connector include experience scoring, an expanded set of unified endpoint management actions, and the ability to trigger workflows created by IT teams in VMware Freestyle Orchestrator. By leveraging experience scores, service desks can proactively resolve potential issues before they escalate, resulting in improved workflows. These expanded remediation actions and workflows significantly reduce the time required to troubleshoot and resolve each issue.

Groupe La Poste, a company heavily reliant on smartphones and tablets for their corporate users and frontline workers, has benefited from VMware Workspace ONE’s integrated approach. Olivier Bombe, Head of Digital Workspace at Groupe La Poste, highlights the visibility into issues impacting employee productivity, simplified troubleshooting, and automated remediation provided by VMware. Empowered by this solution, their service desk has improved service level agreements and experienced tangible savings in engineering hours.

VMware’s DEX offerings empower IT teams through insights, AI-driven guided root cause analysis (RCA), and automation, enabling a proactive IT approach. AI-driven insights provide immediate visibility into issues affecting employee productivity by automatically detecting and scoring anomalies in experience. The recently introduced guided RCA leverages AI to identify the likely root cause of an issue, reducing the time and effort required to pinpoint the problem. Integrated automation workflows ensure that appropriate remediation actions are taken, scaling issue resolution and enabling proactive employee notifications. A customer case study demonstrates the effectiveness of VMware’s DEX solution, as a pervasive laptop crash was swiftly resolved, saving hundreds of engineering hours in lost productivity troubleshooting.

Pam Cocca, Vice President of IT Colleague Experience and Technology at VMware, highlights the positive impact of VMware’s DEX solution on the company’s IT approach. By adopting a proactive, data-driven approach, VMware has reduced the mean time to resolution of support issues by an average of 35% over the past six months. This significant improvement not only saves valuable IT time but also enhances employee confidence in the organization.

VMware’s latest enhancements to its DEX solution mark a crucial step forward in empowering organizations with a unified approach to deliver exceptional employee experiences. By addressing the challenges of the hybrid work environment through automation, insights, and proactive issue resolution, VMware enables IT teams to optimize productivity and foster higher employee engagement.

Image by VMware
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