Bringing the Future Forward: 4 Things You Missed at Epson’s B2B Ignite

Bringing the Future Forward: 4 Things You Missed at Epson’s B2B Ignite

By Tan May Lin, Director – Sales, Marketing & Customer Service, Epson Singapore

Epson Singapore held its inaugural B2B Ignite event at the National Gallery Singapore this October featuring a comprehensive showcase of innovative and exciting technologies to help local businesses achieve sustainability and digital transformation without having to compromise on their business goals.

Ranging from retail to fashion and education, Epson pushed the envelope by showcasing a wide range of innovative and cool technologies that have the potential to propel a broad range of industries to the next level – here are the hot takes:

Hot off the press with bicycle-powered printers

While there remains to talk about a fully paperless future, we believe that printing continues to be essential to many aspects of businesses operations today. However, our local businesses might be scratching their heads on how to reduce the impact of a fundamental component of today’s modern office environment.

There is an easy switch available. Business inkjet printers consume up to 85 per cent less power than laser printers. In fact, Epson showcased this lowered power consumption with an innovative demonstration of the power-up of their WorkForce printer with just a bicycle!

Bringing the Future Forward:   4 Things You Missed at Epson’s B2B Ignite
Attendees witnessed the Epson WorkForce Pro printer being powered up and printing documents before their eyes using bicycle-generated power

Imagine the impact of this decreased power consumption over the lifetime of the printer – without having to compromise the speed or quality of printed material. Inkjet printers also use heat-free technology, making the term ‘hot off the press’ a fond but distant memory, while reducing power consumption at the same time.

Skip the queues with virtual fitting rooms

Despite Singaporeans’ willingness to queue, we’ve all experienced the dismay of a snaking long queue to the fitting room. The hassles of queueing just to try on a couple of items of clothing may discourage you enough to not even bother, but Epson offers an innovative alternative to this pain point – a virtual fitting room. The virtual fitting room allows shoppers to try on multiple outfits in succession via Augmented Reality (AR) without ever having to step into a physical changing room.  As the technology progresses, you’ll even be able to take your measurements instantly via AR!

Bringing the Future Forward:   4 Things You Missed at Epson’s B2B Ignite
Different outfits are available at the wave of a hand at the B2B Ignite Future Retail Experience booth

Epson also laid out a fully automated store from end-to-end, complete with the option to easily personalise your gifts, so you’ll never miss an important occasion. The store has the potential to facially scan and recognise regulars, so you can enjoy VIP treatment with recommendations the moment you step into your favourite store.

A recycling revolution in your office

Reduce, reuse, recycle is an expression we’ve heard umpteen times, but it’s easier said than done. We’ve all heard the horror stories of separated recycling being mixed back into regular waste, and let’s be real, it can be easier to toss that misprinted document in the trash than to trek to the recycling bin.

Bringing the Future Forward:   4 Things You Missed at Epson’s B2B Ignite
With Epson’s PaperLab machine, recycling can be delivered in-house, creating a synergy between printing and recycling in every office

Epson, however, is ready to change the recycling game, with its PaperLab system. As the world’s first automated papermaking system, the PaperLab system recycles paper in the machine itself, allowing it to be located in the office. As a dry-recycling method, PaperLab salvages unprinted pulp, using dry fibre technology that is free of time- and water-intensive processes to recycle used paper. In fact, PaperLab doesn’t just recycle but upcycles too – so you’ll have no need to detour to a stationery store for that specific shade of coloured paper anymore!

Customisation is the name of the game

When Nutella and Coca-Cola both ran campaigns featuring personalised jars and cans of Coke, Singaporeans flocked in droves to customise cans for their partners, families and friends. There is an allure in having a label customised especially for you – but this fun is limited by traditional label runs, which simply don’t allow for serial information or customisations due to cost restraints.

Bringing the Future Forward:   4 Things You Missed at Epson’s B2B Ignite
B2B Ignite attendees got to bring home a jar of pink Himalayan salt, complete with a full-colour prime label emblazoned with their name printed on the spot

However, with short-run label printers such as Epson’s ColorWorks, it’s entirely possible to customise short-run labels to your heart’s content – without having to sacrifice the high-quality prime labels needed to catch the eye. This makes it perfect for a smaller brand to develop unique aesthetics and stand out from the competition.