Epson’s EcoTank Monochrome M2140 ink tank printer
Epson’s EcoTank Monochrome M2140 ink tank printer

SINGAPORE Epson, the global leader in printing technologies and market leader for Ink Tank printers, had launched its new line up of EcoTank printers that offer one of the lowest total cost of ownership on the market. The launch of the new EcoTank range of printers is the first to incorporate the recent rebranding of L-Series Ink Tank to EcoTank – a change that highlights the superior economic benefits over conventional laser printers.

Known previously as the L and M-series Ink Tank System printers, the newly branded EcoTank printers incorporate a new streamlined design that sports an integrated ink tank, with innovative spill-free ink bottles that come in a more compact size. This innovative line-up reflects Epson’s introduction of the integrated ink tank design to entry-level printers for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and home offices.

In addition, Epson is expanding the M-series range – now known as EcoTank Monochrome series printer – with the introduction of the flagship EcoTank M2140 printer. The new M2140 printer incorporates the PrecisionCore printhead, resulting in improved nozzle technology, increased print resolutions at 1200 x 2400 dpi, and faster speeds of 20ipm. The multi-function EcoTank Monochrome series comes with auto-duplex printing, as well as scan and copy functions.

Highlighting the economic benefits with the EcoTank printer range, the EcoTank Monochrome series rival laser printers in terms of overall total cost of ownership and energy consumption, with the printers delivering 27 times lower power consumption, and bringing 23 times lower overall cost per print compared to laser printers in Singapore.

In terms of total cost of ownership, the EcoTank L-series printers, with a set of four ink bottles, yields 4,500 black and white pages and 7,500 colour pages. On the other hand, the EcoTank Monochrome series yields 6,000 black and white pages.

In a recent study, Epson’s EcoTank printers were rated the most reliable ink tank printer in the market, with 87 per cent of multi-brand dealers ranking Epson’s ink tank printers as the most reliable compared to other brands. The range also performed well in terms of overall performance, with 77 per cent of dealers expressing satisfaction with Epson Ink Tank printers, and 63 per cent preferring Epson Ink Tank printers to other printer brands.

Ms Tan May Lin, Director – Sales, Marketing and Customer Service of Epson Sales division, Epson Singapore said, “With the launch of our EcoTank Monochrome series, we aim to expand the market for inkjet printers and shift users from the entry-level laser printer segment to purchase inkjet printers. With the immense advantages they bring in terms of lower total cost of ownership, savings in energy consumption, as well as an improved impact on the environment, EcoTank printers offer a much better alternative to laser printers for SMEs and home office segment.”

Epson continues to be the leading Ink Tank printer brand in the region with a 70.1 per cent market share as of 2017 in Southeast Asia, according to the latest IDC Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker 2018 Q2 release. Epson continues to lead in the Ink Tank Printer market in Singapore as well, with 67.3 per cent of market share as of 2017.

Epson launched the first Ink Tank printer model in Indonesia and subsequently in Southeast Asia in 2010, and the range has sold a cumulative 30 million units worldwide as of July 2018.

The EcoTank L3110 printer is the replacement model for L360 and L380 printers, and the L3150 printer is the replacement model for L405. The M1120 model is the replacement model for M100.


Epson’s EcoTank L3110 and  L3150 ink tank printers

Epson’s EcoTank L3110 / L3150 Ink Tank Printer
Epson’s EcoTank L3110 / L3150 Ink Tank Printer
L3110: SGD$239
L3150: SGD $279
Epson’s EcoTank Monochrome M1120 and M2140 ink tank printers

M1120: SGD $249
M2140: SGD $389
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