M-KOPA, an asset financing platform that offers underbanked African customers access to “productive assets” and the ability to pay for them via digital micropayments, has recently secured more than $250 million in debt and equity.

The company’s platform provides customers with access to a range of assets, including solar home systems, smartphones, and other household appliances. Customers can pay for these assets over time through small, regular micropayments.

This latest round of funding will enable M-KOPA to continue expanding its operations and reach more customers across Africa. The company’s goal is to provide affordable access to essential products and services to millions of people who are currently underserved by traditional financial institutions.

M-KOPA’s innovative approach to asset financing has the potential to make a significant impact on the lives of many people across the continent. By providing access to essential products and services, the company is helping to improve the quality of life for its customers and drive economic growth in the region.

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