Bumble Introduces Durian-Themed Features to Help Singaporean Singles Find Romantic Connections

In a bid to cater to the unique dating preferences of Singaporean singles, Bumble, the popular women-first dating and social networking app, has unveiled a range of durian-themed features just in time for durian season. The new suite of durian Interest Badges, Question and Profile Prompts aims to showcase individuals’ affinity or aversion towards the prickly and sweet fruit, helping them connect with potential matches who share similar tastes. From now until June 30, Bumble users in Singapore can choose from two durian-related Question Games, namely “Durian: love it or hate it?” and “How would you describe durian to someone who has never had it?”. Additionally, they can utilize the Profile Prompt, “My strong opinion about durian is that…”. Durian enthusiasts can also opt to display a limited edition “Durian Lover” interest badge on their profiles, signaling their fondness for the fruit.

These new features cater to the dating preferences of Singaporean Gen Z and Millennial populations. A recent nationwide survey conducted by Bumble revealed that over half (54%) of Singaporeans are likely to indulge in durian this year, with one in five (20%) anticipating sharing a durian experience with a date.

The research also uncovered several insights to assist singles in forming enduring relationships:

  • Nearly a quarter of respondents (24%) agreed that enjoying durian together made for fantastic dates.
  • For one in three durian lovers (29%), the dislike of durian in a romantic interest would be a dealbreaker. However, the majority of Singaporeans who are not fond of durian (94%) do not consider a love for the fruit as a dating dealbreaker.
  • Durian enthusiasts are almost twice as likely (20%) to actively seek out a romantic partner who shares their passion for food before deciding to pursue a connection, compared to individuals who are neutral (11%) or dislike durian (11%).
  • 17% of durian lovers would choose to embark on a first date by enjoying durian together, and 15% have already experienced a durian-themed date.

Lucille McCart, APAC Communications Director of Bumble, expressed her thoughts on the findings, stating, “Our findings in Singapore reflect the palpable passion for food that locals hold dear. Food is such an important part of dating and romance, in fact, it is said that eating great food releases similar brain chemicals as feelings of love. Whether you are a durian lover or not, we want to help you find your perfect match this durian season on Bumble. Shared interests are a crucial part of relationship compatibility, so our new durian-themed product features are one way to find a match with the same taste as you!”

Bumble operates on a freemium model and can be downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play.

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