Homegrown company The Kinetic Option (TKO) is set to revolutionise the surfing scene, making a splash with the company’s first product – the TKO 001 – a zero-emission electric surfboard that can be used on any body of water – lakes, rivers, reservoirs and off the coast.  

The TKO 001 is a battery-operated surfboard designed by four friends following numerous months of tireless research and intensive analysis. It comes with a wireless remote with various pre-set configurations and speed settings, allowing users to manoeuvre the board at a speed according to their skillset and comfort level. With an in-built motor and an automatic kill switch, the surfboard stops functioning once the user is no longer detected on the board, making it very user-friendly, especially for beginners and children. In addition to its zero-carbon emission feature, the surfboard can also go up to speeds of above 55km/h and with each ride lasting for an average of 40 minutes with a swappable battery pack – providing users with an optimal riding experience that is exhilarating yet hassle-free.

Established during the Covid-19 pandemic, the company is the brainchild of four childhood friends – Daniel He, Felix Huang, Alvin Yeoh and JC Lew – with vastly different careers. Co-founder and General Manager, He was formerly an F&B entrepreneur and A&E doctor while fellow Co-founders Yeoh and Lew brought with them their years of experience as a research engineer and naval architect respectively. Huang, affectionately dubbed the “master tester” of the company, is one of the forefathers of breakdancing in Singapore, having represented Singapore in international dance competitions. With the TKO 001 under their belt, the quartet will continue to focus on developing zero-emission electric marine propulsion for small and personal watercraft.

“We believe that silent, clean propulsion is the future for many marine applications from the coast to inland waterways and reservoirs. We are very excited to finally be able to present the TKO 001 to the public after more than a year of building, testing and fine-tuning. From functionality to aesthetics, the team has put in tremendous effort into every aspect of the product to ensure that it looks and feels good to users. TKO 001 was built with the intention of providing further options for watersport lovers who may not be able to travel to a surf beach on the weekends for a surf session. With the TKO 001, all you need is access to a large body of water and you can enjoy hours of fun on water,” said He.

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