JobStreet by SEEK Asia Launches Breakthrough Hiring Solutions

JobStreet by SEEK Asia Launches Breakthrough Hiring Solutions

JobStreet by SEEK, Singapore’s leading employment platform held an event highlighting the future of hiring. Aptly titled “Forward Together – Unlock The Future of Hiring, this event showcased innovative solutions to empower employers in a rapidly changing employment landscape and shed light on the current employment landscape in Southeast Asia while underlining its efforts in providing employers increased flexibility, encouraging amplified diversity and inclusivity across organisations. 

The newly launched Ad Budget was introduced by Lewis Ng, Chief Operation Officer, Asia, SEEK, to showcase JobStreet’senhanced service delivery packages for hirers. This new model provides hirers with the flexibility and control to choose ad types for individual listings, as opposed to the current system of fixed costs for specific ad types. This serves as a solution to not only encourage hirers to plan and utilise their budgets more effectively, but also aid organisations such as small-medium enterprises and startups, that might have tight hiring budgets to win in the hiring market.

Commenting on the new model, Peter Bithos, Chief Executive Officer, Asia, SEEK, said: “We have observed many shifts in our employment landscape. Moving away from The Great Resignation, we are now on track towards a Career Reconfiguration. As a talent partner, JobStreet by SEEK is dedicated to helping employers and job seekers navigate these constant shifts through out-of-the-box solutions. What we have showcased today is just the start of more exciting plans to come as we move Forward Together, and overcome the challenges that lie ahead of us.”

Attended by participants from the Ministry of Manpower, Enterprise Singapore, Workforce Singapore, and 100 organisations across industries such as TikTok, Ninjavan, Huawei, Dyson. The event also set the stage for relevant agencies and companies to consider new schemes and review hiring policies targeted at improving Singapore’s workforce. 

Backed by JobStreet’s strong acumen in providing effective and efficient employment products, Bithos showcased Singapore’s dynamic employment landscape, including challenges ranging from the on-going hiring crisis to major changes in jobseekers’ preferences leading to a talent deficit. This was underlined by the push for amplified diversity, equality, and inclusivity (DE&I) in organisations by Chew Siew Mee, Managing Director, JobStreet Singapore, among many other modern day employment criteria.

In view of the competitive hiring landscape and talent deficit, JobStreet by SEEK also revealed key statistical insights on workforce diversity and encouraged organisations to hire candidates from different backgrounds. Based on JobStreet’sfindings, workplace representation for women, matured workers, and talent without higher education were highlighted:

  • As position level advances, representation of hired or shortlisted female candidates declines, with only 32% being represented for senior managerial positions
  • For the matured workers, representation was far lower compared to millennials for management level roles, at 11% against 52%
  • Similarly, it was found that for senior executive or higher roles, 68% of degree holders were shortlisted whereas only 6% of certificate holders were considered

Expressing her concern Chew said: “Our employment landscape remains to be further improved. We need to drive workforce diversity, equality, and inclusion, and consider talent based on the value that they can bring. Based on our knowledge of the current employment landscape and what we envision the future of work to be, diversifying our workforce can alleviate some key challenges that our workforce faces on a regular basis, including manpower shortage, hurdles to becoming a more inclusive society, and in championing life-long learning.”

With Singapore’s rapidly aging population, increased retirement and re-employment ages, coupled with talent shortages, companies and workforce agencies continue to brace for impending challenges and uncertainties that lie ahead. 

“At JobStreet, we want to support relevant government agencies and companies in our journey towards creating opportunities for all. With the current talent shortage, companies should look intotalent retention and redefine what constitutes the ‘best-fit’ candidate. By opening doors to talent and expediting learning processes through upskilling and reskilling, we can strengthen Singapore’s workforce and ensure improved career opportunities. There are still gaps that need to be addressed for our workforce and improving our employment landscape will remain a constant work-in-progress for us at JobStreet” Chew added.

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