BitCyber and Virsec Form Strategic Partnership

BitCyber and Virsec Form Strategic Partnership

BitCyber Pte Ltd, premium cyber security Value Added Distributor, has announced a strategic partnership with Virsec, the first cybersecurity company to fully protect software as it is executing, to deploy the Virsec Security Platform, which helps international government agencies and commercial enterprises prevent attacks in real-time by detecting, within milliseconds, any anomalies in all running software, from legacy to newly installed applications.

Under the partnership with Virsec, BitCyber will leverage their regional enterprise channel network to offer the Virsec Security Platform with their suite of security services to government agencies and enterprises in critical sectors like healthcare, financial institutions, and telecommunications, to protect them from increasingly advanced cyber-attacks. 

As Virsec continues to expand its reach in the runtime application-aware server workload protection sector of the cybersecurity market, partnerships with those like BitCyber will be invaluable in capturing the attention of organizations, who are seeking deterministic cyber solutions that protect against ransomware and other cyberattacks. While traditional security approaches focus on post-incident investigations, the Virsec Security Platform focuses on protection, ensuring that, no matter where an application resides, each application workload will only be allowed to execute as it was intended, resulting in zero dwell-time for today’s adversaries. 

BitCyber CEO, Philip Ng comments:

“We are pleased to partner with Virsec to bring innovative and industry leading cyber defense solutions to our enterprise customers in Singapore and the Asia region. As Zero Day attacks escalate, Virsec’s deterministic full-stack runtime protection of workloads will be a game changer for mission critical environments.”

Virsec Regional Director, Asia, Girish Rao comments:

“Today’s businesses run on software, yet adversaries continue to exploit software vulnerabilities to launch ransomware and other cyberattacks. Relying on our deterministic approach to security, Virsec protects the software and ensures applications only run as the developer – and business — intended, immediately making cyberattacks irrelevant. We are excited to partner with BitCyber to deliver our deterministic protection to the Singapore and Asia markets to enable today’s enterprises to focus on meeting their business objectives.”

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