SAS and Microsoft partner to further shape the future of analytics and AI

BT and Microsoft announce new strategic partnership

BT and Microsoft have announced a new strategic partnership to accelerate innovation across enterprise voice, cyber security and industry-focused services in sectors from digital  manufacturing to health, setting businesses in the UK and around the world back to growth. 

The partnership will provide users of BT-managed Microsoft business services with outstanding customer experiences by integrating their Microsoft applications with secure and reliable connectivity and cyber security.  

BT has already been named one of the first development partners for Microsoft Operator Connect and Operator Connect Conferencing. The renewed agreement will allow BT to build on this relationship and offer its own branded global managed voice services  directly through Microsoft Teams, with an approach that further enhances customer  experience and creates new opportunities for growth. The number of users of BT’s managed  Microsoft Teams collaboration service has almost doubled during the past 12 months. 

The strategic partnership will build on BT’s existing portfolio of cyber security services built on Microsoft technology. It will see the companies push forward with the design and launch of a new generation of managed security services to enable and protect  the modern collaborative workplace. BT will work closely with Microsoft to develop distinct  security propositions to defend customers’ operations across the cloud as well as its own IT  estate. 

Sustainability and collaboration on digital skills are integral to the partnership. BT and Microsoft will work together on further enhancing sustainability credentials within their supply chains and join forces on promoting digital skills in the communities.  

“BT and Microsoft are at the forefront of innovation in global digital platforms and connectivity that will take technology and communication beyond limits,” said Bas Burger, CEO of Global at BT and executive sponsor of BT’s partnership with Microsoft. “This  partnership will ensure all of Microsoft’s solutions work ‘Best on BT’ and support both  companies’ commitments to improving digital skills in the community.”

Omar Abbosh, corporate vice president of industry solutions at Microsoft, said: “The partnership announced today by Microsoft and BT is just the start of an exciting, shared  journey of innovation and collaboration that will shape the future of telecoms. BT can use  Microsoft’s cutting-edge tools to develop new communications services that meet the needs  and demands of today’s customers. By aligning our visions for communication, connectivity, security and digital technology, Microsoft and BT will support real growth for businesses  across the world.” 

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