Affordable data plan for junior comes with a free watch phone

Affordable data plan for your child comes with a free watch phone

As technology evolves, parents’ worries also understandably evolve! Devices have changed from a simple pager and payphones to smartphones with numerous data plans available in the market. But smartphones also come with unrestricted access to  the Internet, where there are benefits, but also unsupervised content and stranger danger.  

Smartphones undoubtedly comes with multiple benefits – children are given access to powerful apps, including education tools for studying, chat apps for connecting with friends and the wealth of information on the web. However, it is because of the convenience of having a smartphone that children are getting them at an even younger  age. Children are becoming more prone to screen addiction thanks to the abundance  of applications available online.

Local Singapore’s brand, myFirst, saw the gap and opportunity to create and develop myFirst Fone series to cater specially to the children’s needs with myFirst Fone R1 as the first fun and innovative Music Smartwatch Phone, and the myFirst Fone S2 as  a Smartwatch Phone with Care call functions, both exclusively designed for the Next gen Kids, by providing them a safe line of communication with their loved ones. myFirst Fone is essentially a phone that is strapped to a child’s wrist, allowing easy  communication with parents without the fear of misplacement or having it being stolen! 

myFirst Fone series is an all-in-one smart watchphone equipped with a 2-megapixel inbuilt camera, clock, GPS, and fitness tracker! It is a one smart tech gadget every child should have to stay connected, safely! Packed with heavy functional features and yet lightweight on the price, myFirst Fone is something that will not only delight the young users,  but every parent too!

Useful safety features of the myFirst Fone series such as the precise location tracking with advanced GPS, Indoor WiFi Tracking via Google System and LBS (Location Based Service), provide accurate and convenient information for parents to keep track of their children’s whereabouts.

It comes with Geo-Fencing so parents can preset safety zones for their kids by  highlighting geo-locations in the iOS or Android app. The watchphone also comes with a SOS alert that sends distress signals with an integrated SOS button.  Parents will receive an emergency location notification alert with a live 30s recording of surrounding sounds if the child is in danger or lost. 

More than just a watch, myFirst Fone functions exactly like a phone to help parents stay in touch with their children via voice or video call. 

myFirst Fone series is cleverly installed with a Class Mode where the device can work like just a regular watch during school hours by having certain functions such as phone calling, texting locked, but the SOS button can still be triggered during this period. This can be customized by the parents via the myFirst Fone mobile application to ensure that the children can focus in class and the watchphone will not be a distraction to them! The app is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices. 

Suitable for children aged between 4 – 12 yrs old, myFirst Fone R1 series comes in three fun colors to match the child’s personality from being sporty, classy to being adventurous! R1 is available in – Space Grey, Lavender Purple, Macaw Blue at a recommended retail price: S$229 each. While the S2 is a square face watchphone that comes in three colours – Blue, Black, and Pink, with a recommended price of S$179 each

And the best deal of it, these watch phones come free when you subscribe to any of  their attractive monthly subscription bundles at one of the best rates in town! With  benefits like Caller ID, unlimited data, voice, and video calls at an amazing affordable flat rate! 

myFirst offers an affordable subscription plan that comes with a FREE myFirst Fone! 

  • The R-Plan subscription plan is available at S$28/month for a year.
  • The S-Plan subscription plan is available for S$25/month for a year.

** For the first 1,000 subscribers, they will be able to enjoy S$5 off monthly for 12 months, using promo code STAYCONNECTED! 

For purchase of the subscription plan and myFirst Fone device, please check out 

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