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IT and DevOps Pros Will Quit for Better Career Path and Mentorship – EDB Survey Shows

EDB, a leading contributor to PostgreSQL®, released a survey of more than 1,000 application developers, and IT and business management professionals at its Postgres Vision 2021 conference. The survey found that this key talent pool would consider other roles for stronger career path options, better mentorship and greater opportunity to work with cutting edge technologies.

Talent recruitment and retention is a growing and widespread challenge for business leaders. According to an APAC Digital Talent Study by Korn Ferry, 83 percent of company respondents are facing scarcity of talent, and 70 percent confirmed that their inability to meet candidates’ expectations is their biggest challenge. As the demand for skilled talent grows, organisations are increasingly struggling with recruiting and holding onto it. 

47% of the respondents are from Asia

The global survey by EDB targeted open source technology users, specifically those holding application development, information technology and operations titles at organizations greater than 100 people. Respondents were surveyed on their volume of work and quality and kinds of training, along with motivations that could lead them to seek other job opportunities. 

Key findings from the survey include:

Employees will quit for better career path and learning opportunities

Findings revealed that job hunting is motivated by:

  • Improved career path options (24%)
  • Better mentorship (17%)
  • The opportunity to work with more cutting edge technologies (16%)

Training in emerging tech and compliance captured high ratings

Respondents were asked to rate their employer’s approach to new training initiatives during the pandemic:

  • 53% viewed their employer’s approach to new technology (e.g., cloud) training more favorably
  • Nearly half (48%) had a more favorable perception of compliance training

Mentorship and wellness fell to the wayside during the pandemic

When respondents were asked which programs their employer rolled out during the pandemic:

  • Only 10% of their employers rolled out new mentorship programs
  • Only 13% of their employers conducted soft skills training
  • Only 14% of their employers provided wellness programs

Management training suffered

  • 59% of respondents viewed their organization’s approach to management training less favorably

“Technical professionals are sending a clear message to management on what keeps them engaged,” said EDB president and CEO, Ed Boyajian. “As employers and leaders, we need to actively support their development. Whether it’s offering more mentorship, training in the best technologies, or promoting overall well-being, we must invest in what inspires our teammates and helps them grow.”

As competition for top IT and application development talent heats up, EDB has implemented benefits such as Wellness days, a flexible work environment, leadership and technical training, and a home office stipend to support remote work arrangements. 

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