LINE Releases Its History Timeline, Celebrating Its 10 Year Anniversary

LINE Releases Its History Timeline, Celebrating Its 10 Year Anniversary

LINE Corporation has unveiled special content to celebrate its 10-year anniversary. Under the theme “To The Next”, the special video and illustration show the history of LINE’s last 10 years and also express appreciation to all our users across the world.

In 2011, based on the experience of people being unable to get in touch with loved ones during the Great East Japan earthquake, LINE was built so that they could easily contact each other in emergencies. Within six months, LINE achieved 10 million downloads and began its journey to becoming a smartphone-based “life platform.”

In 2014, LINE released LINE Pay, as well as strategic partnerships in the entertainment sector under the theme of “Life,” with the goal of making LINE more integral to daily life. LINE crossed the 170 million monthly active users (MAU) [1]milestone that year.

Five years after its launch, LINE was listed in New York and Tokyo and unveiled our corporate mission of “Closing the Distance.”

We also continued to expand globally. In Thailand, we launched the LINE MAN on-demand service, which has since grown to be one of the largest food delivery platforms in the country. Our global news platform, LINE TODAY, was developed in Taiwan, and was subsequently launched in Thailand, Indonesia and many other countries.

2017 marked LINE’s shift to AI and fintech. Our cloud-based AI platform, Clova, was released, and we made a declaration of our mission to have “everything connected,” “everything videolized” and “everything AI.” We expanded our fintech business with cashless payments, investment and insurance services, and the creation of a token economy, and established a banking business.

In 2019, we declared our new vision of “Life on LINE,” whereby we envisioned LINE as the “life infrastructure” in people’s lives, providing 24/7/365 support for our users. In November, LINE announced its business integration with Z Holdings Corporation with an eye on competing with the global tech giants. In 2020, with the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic forcing changes all over the world, LINE launched LINE Doctor and a number of other services accelerating our shift to seamless.

LINE has changed the way people think about communication, and made finance, healthcare, and many other aspects of society more convenient.

LINE will continue moving forward to help society and blur the line even further between online and offline. LINE’s next challenge to be a life platform for our users has already begun.

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