5 key updates from Google I/O 2021

At the recent Google I/O 2021, Google announced several updates to its suite of apps and services, including the Android Operating System (OS).

If you missed all of the updates because the world was buzzing about it a week ago, here’s a quick recap.

Android OS is going 12

Google has released the beta version of Android OS 12.

The three key changes are:

  • Customisable interface like custom colour palette and redesigned widgets
  • Update to the design of its notification
  • Improved responsiveness of device and power efficiency

Google Search matures further


There’s a new artificial intelligence (AI) model called Multitask Unified Model (MUM). Basically, it is able to understand language with the knowledge of facts and key attributes related to the search term like people, locations and other information for more accurate and relevant search results.

Update to translation feature on Google Lens

Google Lens has been updated with a Translate Filter. You can now easily copy, listen to or search translated text in a matter of milliseconds. Definitely useful for students of different native languages as Google Lens can translate over 100 languages. Bad ass.

Before you click…

You will not need to click on a website before finding out it’s not the site you are looking for. Google Search has a new feature called About this Result which will give you a glimpse of what the website is about before you visit it.

New features added to Google Maps

Predicting hard-braking moments

Singaporeans are known to be reckless drivers or impatient drivers, to me at least. Good news is, Google has trained its machine learning model to determine the fastest route and one that will least likely to have you e-brake, minimising the chances of your car kissing another’s butt.

See more with the enhanced augmented reality (AR) Live View

When you explore any neighbourhood, you can use the improved AR Live View for useful details like the information of shops, restaurants, their busy they are, recent reviews and photos. Just try not to walk and do it at the same time.

More cities added to street maps feature

Singapore is among more than 50 cities that will soon be added to the street maps feature on Google Maps. This means that you can see the streets and all without travelling. COVID-19 safe!

Your privacy concerns

Quick delete!

You can now delete your searches in the last 15 minutes with the new “quick delete” option. Simply go to Search history with a single tap from the Google Account Menu.

Secure your private photos

Although Google Photos no longer offer unlimited storage, it is not dead. In fact, this new privacy feature can help you keep your private memories safe. You can now save select photos in a Locked Folder in Photos. It is a new passcode-protected space to keep your memories safe. Sounds like a time capsule. Dips on the naming convention!

Know your password vulnerability

Google’s Password Manager will allow you to change compromised passwords using Google Assistant, receive notifications of compromised passwords and import passwords from your files or other password managers over.

Google Health – Identifying your skin issues

With the help of the AI-powered dermatology assist tool, you can soon identify skin issues you might have like rashes.

So, there you have it. Updates from Google that will make you life easier, better and safer.

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