Epson Launches New High-Speed Monochrome Inkjet Printer for High-Volume Printing

Epson Launches New High-Speed Monochrome Inkjet Printer for High-Volume Printing

Epson announced the launch of its new line head multi-function inkjet printer, the WorkForce Enterprise WF-M21000, a high-performance monochrome printer that comes with a new and improved finisher to cater to the high-print volume requirements of businesses in the manufacturing, education, insurance, copy shops and more. 

Superior performance that meets business needs

With a streamlined duplex route design, the new WF-M21000 delivers blazing print speeds of up to 100 pages per minute for both simplex and duplex, making it ideal for businesses with high-volume printing needs. By combining Epson’s revolutionary PrecisionCore technology and DURABrite Pro ink, high-resolution and high-quality prints are maintained even at high speeds. Each set of ink cartridges can deliver up to 120,000 pages of sharp, water and fade-resistant black and white prints, enabling continuous operations with uninterrupted downtime and a lower total cost of ownership. 

The new WF-M21000 brings enhanced functionality for monochrome printing requirements. It operates with an improved stapler and booklet finisher with new features including hole-punching, folding, and saddle-stitching.

Adding to its functionality, the WF-M21000 is compatible with a wider range of media versus laser printers. This model supports envelopes with window, sticker media, embossed paper, thick papers that are up to 350gsm and long papers that are up to 1.2m. Designed for maximum usability, the WF-M21000 comes with user-friendly features such as a 9-inch optical touch panel and an easy operating flow for its scan, copy, and fax functions. 

Hassle-free maintenance

The WF-M21000’s robust and simple structure helps guarantee smooth printing operations day in and day out. Notifications on paper jams and other printing errors are displayed through the LCD panel, allowing users to troubleshoot issues easily. The WF-M21000 is also designed with less replacement parts to eliminate the need for frequent maintenance and added repair costs.

Users can also improve document security, productivity and manage printing costs through authentication by using Epson Print Admin. Customers can choose from basic secure printing functions with serverless version to a full Print Management Solution with the server version.

To enable better productivity during these challenging times, the WF-M21000 supports the Epson Remote Service (ERS), a secure, cloud-based device management system which enables convenient management, billing program, and remote service support for registered Epson devices.

Printing with lower environment impact 

Driven by Epson’s PrecisionCore Heat-Free technology, the WF-M21000 consumes far less power than laser printers. The WorkForce Enterprise series consume up to 85% less power than similar-speed laser printers, which can amount to significant cost savings in the office. Epson inkjet printers also produce up to 85% less carbon dioxide than those of comparable laser printers. 

In terms of waste generation, the WorkForce Enterprise series come with fewer components that need replacing, making them more convenient to operate as they require only changing of the ink cartridges and maintenance box as compared to the toner, drum, developer, fusers and more components for laser printers. 

This translates to 59% less replacement parts compared to laser printers, significantly reducing the amount of waste generated and impact on the environment over the lifetime of a printer. With this, downtime is greatly reduced, with much less maintenance for the printer needed over its lifetime.

“Our new WorkForce Enterprise monochrome inkjet printer provides an eco-friendly alternative to laser printers while delivering on speed and productivity. The WF-M21000 can transform the way businesses work with consistent high-quality output and maximized uptime, all while reducing the impact to the environment in terms of energy consumption and waste generated,” said Tan May Lin, Regional Director for Epson Sales Division, Retail Products, and Regional Brand & Communications.

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