WORQ launches a series of flexible office solutions designed to build business sustainability in Malaysia

WORQ launches a series of flexible office solutions designed to build business sustainability in Malaysia

From April, businesses can revolutionise their office space with WORQ’s new Flexi-Team solutions that range from functional drop-in workspaces to satellite offices, complementing both flexible working culture and headquarter operations. 

The Flexi-Team solutions will be rolled as part of their Uplift 2.0 initiative, joining the WORQ’s repertoire of enterprise solutions that aim to build business sustainability.

The Uplift initiative was launched in 2020 to sustain businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic. The solutions available included Business Continuity Partnership and alternative office arrangements. In Uplift 2.0, WORQ is shifting the focus to helping organisations move forward effectively with better productivity, while keeping costs low as they recover from the effects of the difficult year. 

Stephanie Ping, CEO and Co-founder of WORQ said: “Global surveys have shown that both flexibility in location and collaborative office spaces are paramount to productivity. While organisations are looking to restructure their workplace policies, business sustainability is a pressing issue. Our new Flexi-Team enterprise solutions are the key to enable this transition smoothly.” 

Enhancing cost-efficiency in the workplace 

A hybrid workforce is imminent moving forward, after the success of work-from-home measures imposed during the pandemic. 

As workplace policies encourage employees to work remotely and the office is used less frequently, the fixed cost of managing an office network such as rent, operating expenses (OPEX), maintenance might become uneconomical, especially in multinational companies. 

The monthly pay-per-use cost of WORQ’s Flexi-Team solutions can allow up to 40% cost savings, based on the headcount of employees in a business. Unlike traditional office rental fees, payment for WORQ’s spaces involves only OPEX, which is 100% tax deductible. There is also no reinstatement cost once tenure ends.

WORQ has secured US$2.4 million (RM 10 million) in funding, which will be used to grow its space 10-fold to hit a whopping one million square feet, all dedicated to helping businesses pivot to cost-efficient workplace solutions. With possible location expansions in Sentul, Sentral and Bukit Jalil, companies can look forward to a prime location based on their preferences. WORQ’s existing outlets include at an enterprise work space at Surian, and coworking spaces at TTDI, KL Gateway and Subang. 

Customising Flexi-Team solutions for different corporate needs

With the new Flexi-Team solutions, WORQ hopes to be a corporate partner that gives businesses the flexibility needed to accommodate the new hybrid workforce, in the most cost-efficient way possible. With options to combine and customize from different solutions — including but not limited to access to WORQ’s coworking spaces, hotdesks and private office suites — companies only pay for the space they need, not based on the total headcount of their teams. WORQ offers free consultation services to build a tailored plan for any company size and special requirements. 

The Flexi-Team solutions provide the best savings for medium-to-large teams of more than 10 members. WORQ issues spaces charged at a minimum team volume to keep costs low, as opposed to charging based on total headcount. This enables greater flexibility for a team adopting a hybrid work schedule.

The team can then rotate the space between themselves freely and utilise WORQ’s other coworking spaces without additional costs, enabling them to make the most of the space based on their needs, which might change from day to day. 

By veering away from traditional office spaces that only fit up to a limited capacity for a fixed cost, businesses will be able to save more while maximising their use of WORQ’s spaces, which come with all the perks and features of a large office. 

Stimulating a dream office environment for optimal productivity

The benefits of the Flexi-team solution is an integration into the award-winning WORQ environment that is engineered to maximise your productivity, while providing world-class facilities that rival the best offices in the world. This includes collaboration areas, productivity corners for solo work, an amazing pantry and an on-site tech team to ensure uninterrupted business.

Stephanie Ping, CEO and Co-founder of WORQ shared: “Our co-working spaces are beautiful, but we provide more than just an aesthetic office environment. We aim to efficiently integrate every aspect of running an office into our Flexi-Team enterprise solutions.”

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