OPPO releases its newest Reno5 Z, urging users to continue to #PictureLifeTogether

OPPO releases its newest Reno5 Z, urging users to continue to #PictureLifeTogether

OPPO, the leading global smart device brand, has announced the launch of their latest OPPO Reno5 Z, empowering users to document significant moments of their lives effortlessly through an elevated smartphone experience. This is made possible with the smartphone’s fast performance, coupled with OPPO’s unique technology focusing on capturing video content, as well as its ability to provide users with a perfect balance between doing efficient work and enjoying immersive gaming.

This new addition to the brand’s Reno series stays true to the Reno Series tradition of achieving a unique, trendy design that keeps up with users’ personal styles, and at the same time, achieving a boosted speed performance. To help users get ahead in life, OPPO’s Reno5 Z not only represents who users are today, but also who they are striving to be. Delivering faster internet speeds, faster charging, and a more seamless smartphone usage, this smartphone is the perfect choice for users.

“At OPPO, we have always focused our innovations for the Reno series to reflect and serve the needs of our ambitious users, and their dynamic lifestyles. Our users deserve a competitive smartphone that can keep up with their fast-paced lives, and we believe the Reno5 Z is more than capable to do so,” said Mr Dylan Yu, Marketing Director, OPPO Singapore.

“It offers an incredibly fast and powerful performance which users will find useful, as they capture and share every moment of their lives’ journey,” he added.

A Phone that Keeps Up

Engineered with 5Gcompatibility, users can experience fast download and upload speeds. This means that they will be able to stream their favourite TV shows and movies, apart from playing mobile games on-the-go more smoothly than ever before, thanks to the MediaTek 5G Dimensity 800U chip. This particular type of chip leverages eight powerful cores of up to 2.4 GHz and fast memory to make sure that users can enjoy the fast performance by multitasking both work and play efficiently.

At the core of OPPO’s innovation is the brand’s steadfast focus on human-centric innovation. For instance, the 360° Antenna 3.0 is optimised to hold a signal no matter how users grip the Reno series phones, especially when gaming in landscape mode, or checking emails in portrait mode.

Furthermore, taking into account how the smartphones will be used and where users might take them to, OPPO’s Reno5 Z offers the Dual Network Channel feature which speeds up internet connection by connecting to a Wi-Fi and 4G/5G channel. Users will find this especially useful when they are in a crowded environment such as a café or a conference, where the Wi-Fi signal is usually spread too thin.

With the Reno5 Z, OPPO is introducing an even larger 4310mAh battery to support the extra power requirements. This battery can be fully safely charged from 0% to 100% in as little as 48 minutes, with the OPPO 30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0.

This fast charging technology gives users a peace of mind, as they no longer have to worry about leaving their phone charging overnight or running out of battery power. Interestingly, with just a charging duration of five minutes, users can enjoy 2.0 hours of video or 2.9 hours of talk. Additionally, with the Super Night Standby Mode, power consumption is reduced to just 1.78% of the battery – this means that users will no longer have to charge their phone overnight while they are asleep, or scramble to charge it right before they head out for their morning commute.

To improve performance of the smartphone further and reduce the possibility of lag by 18% compared to its predecessors, OPPO has included System Performance Optimiser in the Reno5 Z. With this technology, more than ten optimisation features have been implemented into the phone to improve its performance in the background. Among these features, UI First 3.0 and AI Startup Optimiser can make the animation start time for apps more efficiently, while the Background Freezing and Dex2oat 3.0 features allocate resources efficiently to background processes, and the Athena 3.0 feature cleans up memory to improve overall performance.

Minimalist Design

Beyond a smooth performance, the Reno5 Z also comes with a minimalist sleek design – which is an absolute Salute to Speed. This phone is ultra-thin and supports the dimensions of 7.8mm x 73.4mm x 160.1mm. It is also very light – weighing at only 173g.

Adding to the pleasing aesthetics of the Reno5 Z is its One-Piece Quad Camera that is built into the rear of the phone. In line with the minimalist design concept of the Reno Series, all four cameras are covered by a single piece of Gorilla Glass 5, which keeps the phone elegant and smooth to the touch. Thanks to OPPO’s cutting-edge technology, the glass surface of the Reno5 Z shimmers beautifully under different lighting conditions.

The brilliant 6.43” (16.3cm) Punch-Hole Display has a screen-to-body ratio of 90.8%, due to the phone’s 3.7mm Mini Punch-Hole design. Streaming videos and playing games in FHD are also clearer than ever, on the Reno5 Z’s 2400 x 1080 FHD+ Super AMOLED. Equipped with In-Display Fingerprint 3.0 technology, users can also biometrically unlock their phone quickly.

To support the phone’s top-notch display, OPPO has engineered two sophisticated Minimalist 5G Colour settings for the Reno5 Z, offering an air of distinctive elegance for all users. Fluid Black is classic and always in style, but also introduces a new way of seeing the colour black, with its beautiful light-to-dark gradient.

Cosmo Blue, on the other hand, seems understated, yet users will find it worthy of flaunting. It has a matte texture, showing off hues of blues and purples that pop in a way that is beyond mesmerising.

Making Memories Last with Reno5 Z’s Camera Capabilities

Where OPPO Reno5 Z really shines is with its back-facing 48MP Quad Camera for capturing brilliant and beautiful portrait shots with ease, putting this phone truly “Ahead in Photography.” The cameras include its main 48MP Main Camera, as well as an 8MP Wide-Angle Macro Camera2MP Portrait Mono Cameras and 2MP Macro Mono Camera. In combination, these four cameras allow users to be video and photography experts without much effort or fuss.

The quad cameras combined with the smartphone’s 5G technology, also enable users to express themselves in brand new ways. With the Dual-View Video, they can keep both the rear and front cameras switched on at the same time, so that their reactions to the world around them can be documented, and their vlogging needs are met.

Other video capabilities of the Reno5 Z include the HDR Video, which delivers clearer and more balanced lighting in situations where the light contrast is high. With the Focus Lock, the subject of users’ video will be automatically followed even when the camera has significant movement, and the with the Ultra Night Video proprietary algorithms are leveraged to ensure more dynamic nighttime videos and photos.

New features like AI Scene Enhancement 2.0Dynamic Bokeh, and Night Plus work together to enable users to automatically capture clearer, more beautiful photos and videos, even when light contrasts and low light situations are not the most ideal. Just as useful are continued features that have proven indispensable in the Reno series, such as the AI Night Flare PortraitAI Color PortraitAI Beautification 2.0Ultra Steady Video, and 4K Video. With all these features combined, users can easily capture expert-looking images and videos on the Reno Series phones.

Faster and Immersive Gaming Experience

As with every generation of the Reno Series, there is a clear focus on balancing work and play, and it is no different with Reno5 Z. Integrated into the Smooth ColorOS 11 Experience is Efficiency 3.0, empowering users to “Work Fast, Win Smart”.

The Immersive Gaming Mode offered by Reno Series phones consists of a few major features. Firstly, the Game Focus Mode blocks out all interruptions including notifications so that users can be fully immersed in gameplay; they also have the option of enabling Bullet Notifications from WhatsApp and Facebook, enabling them to keep tabs with minimal distraction. Next, the Quick Startup allows users to return to a game quickly with just one tap within 24 hours after exiting the game, without waiting for minute-long loading times and videos. Finally, the Game Floating Window lets users keep a game running in a floating window so they can monitor the game and return to it anytime.

Faster and Efficient Workflow

ColorOS Efficiency 3.0 makes it even easier to get work done easily and multitask quickly on-the-go. Even when on the way to a client meeting, users can easily check their email and chat with their colleagues, while making last minute edits to a presentation. Efficiency 3.0 has the power to turn the Reno5 Z into a pocket rocket of productivity so users can enjoy a faster and a more efficient workflow.

Furthermore, the FlexDrop feature gives users the versatility and control by letting them keep apps open either in full screen, as a floating window to easily multitask between apps and tasks, or in a mini-window for viewing purposes. With the 3-Finger Translate with Google Lens, users can conveniently translate text in screenshots by swiping down on the screen with three fingers while Google Cast allows users to show their mobile phone’s content on a large screen such as TVs.

Another productivity feature on the Reno5 Z is the Folder Quick Merge, which easily merges two folders together, while Customizable Icons and Home Screen and Customizable Dark Mode lets users personalise their phone to suit their individual style and taste. 

In 2021, Privacy Features are a must, especially in the 5G era where users’ data is out in cyberspace more often than not. To help ensure users’ phone and data are secure at all times, OPPO has attained the Privacy Protection Certification, that allows for user data storage encryption, transmission encryption, de-identification of sensitive data, and more.

Also, with the One-Tap App Lock,apps are securedeffectively, while Private Safe: Multi-Device Sync & Cloud Sync stores and syncs users’ data in their own Private Safe and retrieves their data though HeyTap Cloud in case the phone gets misplaced.

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