Introducing SuperSolid Gemini One: The Ultimate Customisable Mouse

Introducing SuperSolid Gemini One: The Ultimate Customisable Mouse

Discover the potential of a mouse with the release of the SuperSolid Gemini One, a wired mouse that packs a punch with an extensive set of customisable features. Developed by local  startup Dreamcore, which builds next generation tools aimed at empowering creators and consumers of  digital content, the SuperSolid Gemini One offers the best performance for both work and play.  

The weight of a mouse significantly influences its useability. Avid gamers may wish for a more weighted  mouse to increase their precision, while creatives who spend long hours on their computers may wish for  a lighter mouse to reduce hand fatigue. The SuperSolid Gemini One caters to all weight needs and  preferences with 12 weights pre-packed into the mouse, each at 1.25g, so that users can easily vary the weight of their mouse from 75g to 97g with a simple modification. 

For increased user comfort, the mouse comes with interchangeable magnetic covers, one solid and one  with a honeycomb design that shaves a further 3g off the total weight. The honeycomb design also allows  for maximised airflow, preventing sweaty palms regardless of heat and hours spent on the computer.  

To add another layer of customisation, the four side buttons have interchangeable covers to suit workflow  needs. Each button is a magnetically attached raised cover, which can be magnetically detached and  swapped out for flat pieces. This makes the mouse ambidextrous by enabling left-handed users to use only  the buttons on the right side for intuitive and easier access, while right-handed users can use the buttons  on the left side. 

Shaun Tan, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dreamcore, said, “We know how hard it can be for  our customers to find one mouse that fulfills all their needs, whether they are hardcore gamers, dedicated  creatives or casual everyday users. That is why we worked to create a mouse that can cater to the various  daily needs of every customer. Flexible and innovative technology is at the core of what we create at  Dreamcore, and the Gemini One is an example of how a simple product can enhance the experience of  using a computer beyond what you may expect.”  

Other features of the mouse that make it a cut above the rest include its symmetrical design, making it  perfect for ambidextrous use, and the top of the line 16K DPI Pixart 3389 sensor. It also comes with an  ultralight and flexible FCC compliant paracord cable and 1000Hz polling rate for a lag-free experience.  

The SuperSolid Gemini One is available at $89 on the Dreamcore Official Store on Lazada and $69 when  bundled with a Dreamcore PC on Dreamcore’s website. A wireless version of the SuperSolid Gemini One  will be made available later this year.