AppsFlyer, the global attribution leader, has released the 12th edition of its Performance Index, which ranks the top media sources in mobile advertising. The report found that while Google and Facebook continue to dominate the Performance Index, each network had different strengths: Google Ads rank number one when it comes to retention in Southeast Asia (SEA), while Facebook Ads fare better when delivering high quality users from remarketing campaigns across Asia-Pacific (APAC).

In the latest edition, AppsFlyer’s Performance Index analysed 492 media networks and almost 6.4 billion installs over 8,331 apps across APAC.

17% drop in non-organic installs on iOS among vast majority of media sources

While Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework won’t be enforced until early spring, AppsFlyer’s Performance Index shows it is already causing shifts globally. The share of non-organic installs (NOI) on iOS dropped 17% in the second half of 2020 in Southeast Asia (compared to the first half of the year), while NOI on Android saw the opposite effect — increasing by 9% in the same period. This is especially relevant in Southeast Asia, where AppsFlyer’s data from H2 2020 shows that Android users contribute 84% of organic installs, versus just 13% for iOS. 

“2021 is going to be significantly different to previous years for marketers with end users enabling Limited Ad Tracking (LAT), and growing attention around user privacy alongside Apple’s privacy changes. iOS reliant networks and advertisers using them need to start thinking of active solutions to limit impact now. In the current climate of increased digital transformation and more people turning to their devices, AppsFlyer’s 12th edition of the Performance Index helps marketers maximise on which media sources to partner with to best achieve results,” – Beverly Chen, Marketing Director, AppsFlyer APAC

A 30% jump in the cost per install (CPI) on iOS in H2 2020 was a key factor behind the significant drop (Android cost increased by only 10%). As a result, mobile app marketers generated fewer installs for the same budget. The rise in media cost for iOS users was driven by two main elements: an increase in demand due to accelerated digital transformation caused by Covid-19, and a decrease in supply due to a 40% rise in the share of users who enabled Limited Ad Tracking (LAT). 

Google continues to grow on Android, Facebook’s quality across indices stands out

In the battle of the giants of mobile app marketing, Google extended its lead over Facebook at the top of the Retention Index’s SEA Power Ranking, claiming first spot in all gaming and non-gaming categories, especially Finance-based apps. Indonesia’s Financial Consultant App, Pendanaan Teknologi ranks third place in the overall Finance based apps SEA, followed by Cashcash and Akulaku. In all lifestyle non-gaming categories such as, Shopping, Life & Culture, and Social, Facebook ranked first in SEA, followed by Google Ads and Apple Search. 

Remarketing Index places Facebook in first place, with Google making gains

In APAC, Facebook comes in first place across all categories. While it also retained top spot in both gaming and non-gaming categories, Google Ads came in second in non-gaming, while Remerge was second in gaming. Though Facebook dominates both volume and quality metrics, Google has managed to grow its share in the app remarketing conversions by 66% from the first half to the second half of 2021.

TikTok Ads shows significant growth in iOS gaming

Continuing the trend from AppsFlyer’s 11th Edition of the Performance Index released in November 2020, TikTok Ads saw significant growth on iOS (+52% in its share of the pie). From 2019 to 2020, TikTok Ads recorded 82% more NOIs in APAC, climbing five spots in the global iOS gaming power ranking to reach an impressive #9 position from #14. 

Unity Ads is establishing its dominance in the gaming battleground

In the IAA (In-app Advertising) Index, which ranks networks based on their ability to drive users who generate revenue from ads, Google Ads claim first spot in all categories. Unity Ads is pushing its way through the market across SEA, especially in Hyper Casual gaming. For Casual and Midcore gaming, Facebook clinches the top spot.

To access the full version of the latest AppsFlyer Performance Index, please visit: 

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