OPPO Launches OPPO A94 in Singapore with New Video Formats and Improved Battery Performance

OPPO Launches OPPO A94 in Singapore with New Video Formats and Improved Battery Performance

OPPO, the leading global smart device brand, has announced the launch of the OPPO A94 in Singapore. Designed for trend seekers who are looking for a powerful, yet durable device that boasts a mix of fun, the OPPO A94 comes with new video features that enable users to capture memories and moments from more than one perspective, and with a personal and creative touch to their shots.

OPPO A94’s cutting-edge camera features also offer its users a creative edge and better performance than its predecessors with a bigger battery capacity and faster speed. All this is packaged in a simple, yet elegantly thin design that uses OPPO’s new Flowing Light Design concept. The phone comes in new dazzling colours – Fluid Black and Fantastic Purple – that trendsetters are sure to love, inspiring them to Live life at a full speed.

“OPPO’s A Series is popular with trendsetters as a phone that is tailored to not only enhance their love for social life and ambitions at study and work, but also represents their personal style,” said Dylan Yu, Marketing Director, OPPO Singapore.

“OPPO A94 is the culmination of both user feedback and the extensive research conducted on the latest technology. OPPO A94 not only captures momentous occasions from multiple perspectives, but it also comes with a higher battery capacity and 30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0 that makes the phone a great companion for our users. We are excited to introduce and get OPPO A94 into the hands of Singapore customers,” said Jeremy Tan, Product Manager, OPPO Singapore.

Photography and Dazzling Videos

Social media today defines how memories are captured and what platforms are they shared on. In parallel, the demand for media formats that show off the best side of individuals have grown. By sharing their lives, users are looking to strike a chord of awe among their family and friends and this demand has come to a tipping point.

OPPO A94 features a set of 48MP Quad Cameras with a 48MP main camera. To add depth to photos and videos, the main camera works in concert with an 8MP ultra wide-angle camera, 2MP macro camera and 2MP mono camera. As selfies are just as important to users, the other side of the phone is also accented by a 32MP front-facing camera.

The camera hardware, however, is only the foundation to cutting-edge video and photography features on any phone. Knowing this, OPPO A94 introduces a few new unique takes on adding a dash of flair to videos.

AI Color Portrait Video is getting an upgrade on OPPO A94 and can now also be used to capture beautiful videos. Like its photography variant, AI Color Portrait Video works by recognising the person in the video shot and OPPO A94 can intelligently distinguish the person from their background. The person in the shot is then highlighted with enhanced and bright colours, while a monotone black or white filter is applied to the background to ensure that the subject of the portrait stands out.

For OPPO A94 users who enjoy experimenting or expressing their creativity with colors, Monochrome Video is also available. Monochrome Video highlights and enhances a single RGB color in any shot, while filtering out all other color pallets, adding a splash of drama to the footage by juxtaposing contrasting colors. Emphasizing the reds in a taxi, or blues in a dress of a friend strolling the city streets, Monochrome Video puts the control of drawing out the creative vision in the users’ hands.

Finally, for vloggers or people that rely on their phones to record their daily lives, OPPO is introducing a new way to capture two perspectives at once. Dual-View Video records footage from the front-facing and rear cameras simultaneously. The EIS Steady Video running behind the scenes will also make sure that the footage is stable and usable.

Sometimes a moment calls for a spontaneous shot, even if the background is not favourable. Fortunately, during both the day and at night, OPPO A94 can apply motion blur to the background and superimposes one of two photography effects. Dynamic Bokeh adds a bokeh effect that stretches light into streaks, while obscuring background details. The photo’s subject in the foreground is treated with a low-light HDR algorithm and color tuning so that they stand out. Night Flare Portrait on the other hand can add gorgeous and round lens flares to the background without overpowering the subject of the portrait.

AI Color Portrait also makes its return in OPPO A94, along with AI Beautification 2.0 to individually enhance the natural beauty, including facial contours and skin colours of a person or group in a shot. OPPO A94 also recognises 20 types of landscape shots with AI Scene Enhancement 2.0 and improves the color saturation and contrast ratio pixel-by-pixel.

Finally, a video is complete without an easy way of stitching it together with Soloop. Users can easily edit videos with filters, subtitles and music into shareable movie-quality clips.

Slim and Fashionable Design

The A Series is known for its slim design concept and OPPO A94 is no different. With this generation, users can enjoy a sleek phone with 7.8mm Ultra Slim Body weighing only 172g and rounded out with a 3D curved battery cover.

For OPPO A94, OPPO has ensured that the phone is carefully crafted so that it feels great in hand and fits snugly in the pockets. The battery cover is only 0.55mm thick, while the screen dissipates heat through a slim 0.1mm graphite plate. OPPO A94’s shock and drop resistance is also enhanced by optimising the stacking of small motherboard components and by strengthening the protection of its structural components.

OPPO A94 also boasts two truly premium and trendsetting colors that are in high demand in 2021. To get to this point, OPPO is introducing its brand new Flowing Light Design concept, which adds depth to what might deceivingly appear to convey a single colour at first glance.

Flowing Light Design on OPPO A94 confers a gentler and warmer look to the phone in contrast to the colder colours and textures of Reno Series. The Flowing Light Design uses a composite panel on the back cover that adds a high degree of transparency comparable to glassy yet conveying a complex matte and glossy texture that is glare-free and soft.For a more traditional colour, Fluid Black showcases a black light-to-dark gradient whose colour resembles a fading ink blot in water.

OPPO A94 comes with a 6.43-inch hole-punch AMOLED display that sports a large 90.8% screen-to-body ratio and In-Display Fingerprint 3.0 through a convenient fingerprint reader that sits under the display for quick unlocking of the phone.

OPPO A94 also comes with an All-day AI Eye Comfort that leverages two features and 4096 brightness levels to protect the eyes of the users. OPPO A94’s Sunlight Screen auto adjusts its brightness based on the user’s preference and ambient light exposure. At night or in a dimly lit environment, Moonlight Screen lowers the brightness setting to offer a comfortable viewing experience.

Live life with a Longer Battery Life

OPPO A94 introduces a larger 4310mAh battery and 30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0 technology to allow users to live their life to the fullest. When the battery is nearly depleted, 30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0 reliably and rapidly charges OPPO A94. To put this into perspective, a 5-minute charge will allow users to watch YouTube for 2.9 hours.

Thanks to the large 4310mAh battery, OPPO A94 now offers ample battery life and ultimately means users can charge their phone less during the lifetime of the phone. With OPPO A94 users can now get 16 hours of online video playback on a single charge.

OPPO A94 also comes with All-day Smart Power Saving that offers several power saving modes to keep the phone powered and operating even during the most harrowing of times. For instance, Super Power Saving Mode conserves battery by decreasing the CPU frequency, lowering the phone’s brightness and more, so the last 5% of battery life on the phone will run smoothly without interruption for calls, texting or use of a navigation app. Super Nighttime Standby identifies and adjusts to the user’s bedtime routine to make sure that the battery life only decreases by 2% during the night time. In addition, for nighttime charging, 30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0 has a safety measure that prevents overcharging with Battery Guard.

Live life at full speed

For trendsetters that require a phone that can keep up with their demanding lifestyles, a longer battery life is just a baseline when considering a smartphone. OPPO A94 also has an additional trick up its sleeve. While phones are known to slow down over time after prolonged use, OPPO A94 has taken measures to slow down the typical aging processes with System Performance Optimiser.

System Performance Optimiser is OPPO’s proprietary technology, which offers a suite of ten optimisation features and ensures that the phone runs at optimal performance without lagging for a longer period. For example, Idle Time Optimiser can recognise when the phone is not being used or charged and optimise its system resources accordingly by cleaning up the trash, defragmenting the disk, cleaning up the memory, and more. When the phone is low on storage, Storage Optimiser notifies users to delete or migrate data to the cloud to free up space. UI First 3.0 ensures that the resources for the most used apps are prioritised so that the phone can run at optimal performance.

OPPO A94 runs at optimal performance thanks to its powerful MediaTek Helio P95 Octa-core Processor. This runs on 2 ARM Cortex-A75 Prime Cores that operate at up to 2.2GHz. 6 ARM Cortex-A55 Efficiency Cores also operate at up to 2.0GHZ. This means that users can enjoy a faster app startup time, more responsive on-screen touches, and less lag.

Backed by a powerful processor, OPPO A94 will also be able to allow gaming with smooth graphics, optimised network latency and Real HD Sound powered by Dirac. In addition, OPPO A94 comes with a baked-in Cooling System that is tailored to optimally dissipate heat emitted by resource-intensive games so that the phone will not lag.

OPPO A94’s suite of gaming modes also makes sure that messages are delivered subtly without completely interrupting the gaming experience. Game Focus Mode for instance is a feature exclusive to OPPO that blocks all notifications including calls, gestures and even on-screen volume prompts. Gaming Shortcut Mode reduces the time it takes to cold start previously opened games by cutting out background resources that would otherwise need to be loaded, splash screens that feature studio logos, and even game walk-throughs. For multi-taskers, Game Floating Window will show thegameplay as a minimised screen without exiting the game entirely. Instead, the game continues running as a floating window on-screen for users to reply to emails or catch up on an urgent task for work. Finally, Bullet Screen Message is a convenient middle ground for mobile gamers that cannot afford to block out notifications entirely. Instead, messages from supported apps including Whatsapp, Telegram, LINE, Messenger and SMS are scrolled across the screen, but does not force open pop ups or interfere with the gameplay with notifications.

Live life at a full speed with Multitasking on ColorOS 11

OPPO A94 does not only have mobile gamers in mind. This phone is a key productivity tool that makes it easier than ever to multitask on-the-go to increase productivity.

For users who would like to reply to an email or Whatsapp message without closing an app, FlexDrop simply minimises the app’s window and allow the app to continue running as a thumbnail on the home screen. At the office, sharing documents quickly and efficiently can sometimes be cumbersome. Nearby Sharing on OPPO A94 takes care of this problem by enabling users to share documents seamlessly and directly with other OPPO users nearby. They can also capture screenshots and instantly translate its content with the Three-finger Translate via Google Lens.

Live life at a full speed by Safeguarding Privacy

OPPO A94 offers security and privacy features that are strictly designed to retrieve data or keep it away from prying eyes. For those people that have a tendency of misplacing their phones, which also includes their personal media and files, OPPO’s Private Safe offers a peace of mind. Through Private Safe, users can access HeyTap Cloud to retrieve their personal data from their lost phone. For users who frequently loan their phones to family and friends, App Lock will allow full control over which apps can or cannot be accessed by other users. Screencast Privacy Shield limits banner notifications and drawer messages, while also filtering out messages that should not be mirrored on screen.

OPPO A94 is a powerful and creative tool that fits in the palm of the hands thanks to a suite of new features to capture dazzling videos. OPPO A94 also embraces users that want a device that can help them balance their entertainment consumption, while prioritising the most important things in life whether it is their personal or work life.

Sales Information:

  • Early bird sale of OPPO A94 starts from 21 March to 28 March. All early bird purchases from OPPO online Lazada Flagship store will get a free OPPO Enco W11 earbuds valued at S$79. The early bird sale gift is exclusively for purchases on OPPO online Lazada Flagship store only.
  • OPPO A94 will be officially on sale from 27 March in Singapore and will come in 2 colours – Fluid Black and Fantastic Purple – with 8GB RAM and 128G storage.
  • OPPO A94 will be available for purchase at a retail price of S$429 at OPPO concept store, OPPO online Lazada and Shopee Flagship stores, and authorised resellers islandwide.
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