Affinidi, a Singapore-based company founded by investment firm Temasek, announced the launch of its Global Developer Ecosystem to enable developers to utilise verifiable credentials to create innovative solutions and new business models that will foster digital trust globally. In conjunction with the launch of its Global Developer Ecosystem, Affinidi is also organising the world’s first open-topic verifiable credential themed hackathon, inviting developers to build real-life use cases using its open application programme interface (API).

“Against the backdrop of an increasingly connected world and influx of counterfeit data, there is a pressing demand for tamper-resistant and securely verified claims across industries and sectors. The COVID-19 pandemic has also hastened the need for innovative solutions that use digital identities and verifiable credentials to create a secure and reliable system to safeguard public health and restore confidence in safe international travel,” said Kishore Bhatia, Chief Technology Officer, Affinidi.

Mr. Bhatia added: “Affinidi is bringing together developers through our Global Developer Ecosystem with the goal of sparking ideas and solutions that leverage verifiable credentials. We hope that they can leverage our API and the resources available on the platform to unlock opportunities and join us in building a trust ecosystem online that benefits everyone.”

Through these initiatives, Affinidi aims to create an ecosystem for creating and sharing digital credentials in an open, interoperable, portable and privacy-preserving manner. Developers will be able to use Affinidi’s APIs and have real-time access to cryptographically-secured verifiable credentials (VCs) via the Global Developer Ecosystem. Affinidi’s platform will also help developers accelerate the building of verifiable credential-enabled use cases by providing starter kits and other resources, to aid them in understanding blockchain standards, decentralised protocols, and VC use cases.

“Verifiable credentials present significant business opportunities for developers and the industry. Affinidi’s documentation and starter kit provided us with the structure to get started with building a verifiable credentials-based game application and we see great potential in this area,” said Alex Kravets, Software Engineer, Slate Studio.

Starting from March 26, developers can participate in Affinidi’s six-week virtual hackathon to build real-life use cases using Affinidi’s open APIs and different types of open source VC Schemas. The winners of the hackathon will stand to win cash prizes amounting to US$13,000 and mentorship by Affinidi to launch their use cases. Developers can sign up for the hackathon here and are welcome to join Affinidi’s Discord community, where developers all across the world can share tips, experiences or ask questions within an openly-collaborative network.

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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