There is no doubt that livestreaming has now become essential, not just in business and in events but in people’s daily lives as a whole. A wide range of industry sectors, such as social, entertainment and live shows, OTT sports, gaming, e-commerce, education and finance, among many others, have adopted livestreaming to maintain a high-level of interactions and seamless engagements with their target audiences from around the globe. An increasing number of organizations now offer live broadcasting services – and in China alone, more than 90% of companies in the video industry have deployed the services of Tencent Cloud, recognizing its high-performance, secure and reliable offerings.

Today, the demand for livestreaming services around the world is surging as Tencent Cloud makes its mark globally, providing support for global and regional virtual events, including the 2021 World Rowing Indoor Championships, the United Nations 75th anniversary, the 127th China Import and Export Fair, Paris Fashion Week, Global Tourism Economy ForumExpoPromoter, etc., have also benefited from Tencent Cloud’s seamless and high-caliber products and technology.

Tencent Cloud’s suite of live audio and video solutions can be applied to a wide range of scenarios. A great example is the support for e-commerce platform Shopee, a leading cross-border e-commerce shopping platform in Southeast Asia. Its Q&A and e-commerce live broadcasts are carried out at the same time, highly requiring massive resources that Tencent Cloud provides. In particular, the Shopee Live broadcast during the entire 12.12 Sale of 2020 garnered 450 million views, and the number of in-app games played reached 2.7 billion. In 2020, the average daily viewing time of the entire Shopee Live site has increased by 15 times, fully demonstrating the capabilities of Tencent Cloud’s services.

Another notable example is the broadcast of the Melon Music Awards (MMA) 2020, one of the largest music events in Korea. Tencent Cloud, in collaboration with Hyosung ITX, has supported MMA’s first fully digital version and is able to cope with around two million peak concurrent users from around the globe during the event with ultra-low delay and ultra-high image quality.

It is no surprise that these reputable brands choose Tencent Cloud, given its years of expertise and capabilities in content delivery. Tencent Cloud helps corporates and organizations tackle any barrier they may face in their broadcasts through its suite of industry-leading audio and video solutions, which could complement each other for different scenarios, including:

  • Live Video Broadcasting (LVB)
  • Supports live streaming with high numbers of concurrent access requests requiring ultra-low delay and ultra-high image quality, helping satisfy customers’ diverse needs.
  • Provide extremely stable live pushhigh-definition transcodingdistribution and playback services.
  • Suitable for various industries and scenarios such as gaming, sporting events, e-commerce, media, online education and more.
  • Video on Demand (VOD)
  • comprehensive audio/video solution that integrates audio/video upload, live recording, media asset management (file upload and storage), automated transcoding, video AI, content delivery acceleration, and player SDKs.
  • Suitable for live broadcast scenes with recording and distribution, such as sports, gaming, online education, playback recording and broadcasting, and community content sharing.
  • Tencent Real-Time Communication (TRTC)
  • Offers multi-person audio/video calls and low-latency interactive live streaming solutions that can be directly implemented on PC, Mac and mobile devices through web and SDK integration.
  • Offers a global average end-to-end latency of less than 300ms. Even when the packet loss rate exceeds 40% and the network jitter goes over 1,000ms, TRTC can still guarantee high-quality, smooth and stable audio and video communications despite a weak network environment. 
  • User Generated Short Video SDK (UGSV)
  • Leverages the powerful upload, storage, transcoding and distribution capabilities of Tencent Cloud’s VOD to offer features such as video capturing, clipping, splicing, special effects, sharing and playback.
  • Suitable for creative short videos for social media, short video news, gaming, among others.
  • The short video SDK can be used with instant messaging (IM), social networking, user profiling, beauty filters and other Tencent services to help create user-generated short mobile video apps quickly and easily.

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President of Tencent Cloud International, said, “Organizations and corporates constantly face challenges such as technological barriers, network traffic bust, global availability zone coverage, customization and maintenance cost in their livestreaming and broadcasts, which have now become an essential part of their business. With our range of industry’s leading live audio and video solutions, Tencent Cloud is committed to being their trusted partner through our experience, expertise and innovative solutions, and will continue to deliver them high-performance, stable and reliable live broadcasting services.”

Tencent Cloud is a secure, reliable and high-performance public cloud service provider that empowers global access and a rich array of services to governments and organizations that need advanced infrastructure and a resilient environment. As a strong testimony to Tencent Cloud’s top-notch security standard and competitive services in the global cloud computing industry, Tencent Cloud was named Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Best Practice Competitive Strategy Leadership Award in Global Cloud Industry. It has also earned international certifications, including but not limited to ISO22301, ISO27001, ISO20000, ISO9001, Trusted Cloud Services, CSA STAR, and the Multi-Tier Cloud Security Standard (MTCS SS).

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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