Tencent Cloud has announced its support for “Eventos”, a one-stop event platform for customized event operation in Japan. A brand-new feature called “Easy Live” was added to the platform through the technology provided by Tencent Cloud, allowing event planners to do livestreaming within the platform. With the whole world seeing an increasingly upward trend in virtual events, the new feature is geared towards helping “Eventos” take event management to the next level.

Developed by Bravesoft, “Eventos” users are currently able to use this event platform to manage events with all-rounded support including ticketing function, business matching chat, and data analysis, among others.Now supported by Tencent Cloud’s Live Video Broadcasting (LVB) and Tencent Real-Time Communication (TRTC) solutions, “Easy Live” is a new function that allows users to easily perform live broadcasting online without using external tools that are difficult to manage, letting them start livestreaming on the spot.

Backed by Tencent’s well-established audio-visual platforms, globally deployed cache nodes and leading AI technologies, Tencent Cloud’s LVB and TRTC solutions elevate the platform users’ experience:

Sample interface of “Easy Live”

Live Video Broadcasting – an ultra-low latency, high quality and high performance live video broadcasting service

  • Supports presentations, panel discussion, competition and live shows, enabling “Eventos” to better address the needs of event planners, especially during the pandemic.
  • The ability for the host to easily create a live program and broadcast the event, while viewers could subscribe, watch, comment and playback.
  • Offers a complete set of features such as beauty filter, audio processing, instant broadcasting on splash screen, low lag, live screencap broadcasting and seamless video definition changing.
  • Supports other customized functions such as blacklist/ whitelist for open/close-door viewing, interactions that allow comments with backend control.

Tencent Real-Time Communication – a low-latency interactive live streaming solution

  • Key highlights such as multi-person audio/video calls, HD videos with AI-enabled beauty filters, background blur, HD audio with high-fidelity processing algorithms to minimize ambient noise, anti-packet loss disruptions that could maintain smooth audio delivery even with excess packet loss, and low latency thanks to robust network support by Tencent Cloud, offering high-quality customer experience.
  • Supports on-cloud recording and relayed live streaming.
  • Offers secure, stable, and highly accessible instant messaging service, which is supported by Tencent’s IM technologies that sustain hundreds of millions of users.
  • Supports other supplementary features such as AI-driven speech enhancement, which enables users to ensure audio quality.

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President, Tencent Cloud International, said, “With the demand for digital transformation growing, aimed at improving the efficiency of businesses and allowing them to thrive in these challenging times, Tencent is helping businesses in Japan transform and elevate user experience. Through our innovative technologies and well-established platforms, Tencent has been a strong player in delivering high-quality LVB and TRTC solutions like no other and offering reliable solutions for more flexibility that allows businesses to sustain development, as well as keep up with the ever-changing customer needs.”

KIYOTA Koichiro, Board Member & General Director of eventech unit, Bravesoft, said, “The pandemic has shaken up the event management industry, where livestreaming and online events have become the new norm. Addressing the demand growth in livestreaming services, ‘Eventos’ has now given its users the ability to easily host live events online, as well as foster business communication within this event platform through the support of Tencent Cloud. Our collaboration with Tencent Cloud enabled us to install a function that helps prevent broadcasting challenges and hurdles and also highlight the value of ‘Eventos’ for our users. We look forward to further strengthening our collaboration in the future.”

Tencent Cloud is a secure, reliable and high-performance public cloud service provider with advanced infrastructure, with a wide range of market applicability and experience. Among Tencent Cloud’s recent achievements in virtual conferences and events content delivery are its participation in the UNESCO Global Education Coalition, the United Nations 75th anniversary, the 4th World Intelligence Congress, the 127th China Import and Export Fair, Paris Fashion Week, Global Tourism Economy Forum, and Melon Music Awards 2020, among others.

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