HONG KONG – November 23, 2020 – Tencent Cloud, the cloud business of Tencent – a leading provider of internet value-added services, today announced the introduction of AI Transfy, a highly efficient speech recognition and automatic subtitle generation solution to international customers. Boasting of an industry-leading speech recognition accuracy rate of 96.3 percent, especially for Chinese and English, Tencent Cloud’s AI Transfy will deliver more information value for conferencing and subtitling to help businesses improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.

AI Transfy is an ideal subtitling solution for a wide range of use cases such as audio/video transcription and translation, livestream subtitling, multilingual subtitling, automatic timeline segmenting, subtitle design and video compression. With the new normal shaking up the global conferencing scene,  AI Transfy is an essential tool in connecting people around the world, breaking language barriers in business, information and entertainment purposes through multilingual support beyond Chinese and English, including Malay, Indonesian and Thai, among other languages. The solution also combats information loss, with language support being crucial for large-scale conferences and in fostering knowledge exchange. The flexible solution can also fulfill businesses’ diverse needs under different settings, such as online education, conferences, broadcast entertainment, livestreaming and news interviews as well as media usage.

Demonstrating AI Transfy’s efficiency and effectiveness, the Tencent team recently won the championship in Interspeech 2020’s special session, the Far-Field Speaker Verification Challenge (FFSVC 2020), held in Shanghai, China. The session aimed at benchmarking current speech verification technology, promoting the development of new ideas and technologies in speaker verification as well as providing an open, free, and large-scale speech database to the community that exhibits far-field characteristics in real scenes – goals that Tencent Cloud’s AI Transfy is deemed to be highly capable of attaining.

Poshu Yeung, Vice President of Tencent International Business Group, said, “There has been a strong growth in virtual conferences this year, making it even more important for us as a leading internet service provider to keep up with customers’ ever-changing needs. We are excited to present AI Transfy to the international community leveraging Tencent’s 13 years of deep expertise in relevant areas, covering various purposes from business to conferences and summits as well as news, culture and entertainment. We are also further inspired by the results of the FFSVC, which Tencent joined for the first time and competed with many top players in the field. We are poised to make more contributions in connecting the world even further and eliminating language barriers.”

As recent proof of Tencent Cloud AI Transfy’s wide-ranging reach in its services, it has recently offered professional translation including simultaneous interpretation and subtitling for the 4th World Intelligence Congress (WIC), which gathered an online attendance of 58.6 million through over forty platforms, covering the Congress’s livestreaming, documentation, recorded audio and video and more. It has also provided technical assistance to the 127th China Import and Export Fair, the longest-running international trading event in China also known as the Canton Fair, by supporting comprehensive translation services across a wide assortment of event needs.

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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