Seoul, Korea, September 24, 2020 – SK Telecom (SKT) has released a video ringback tone service called ‘V Coloring’ to create a fun and interesting experience for customers. 

V Coloring is a service that plays a short-form video selected or created by the person being called on the caller’s mobile phone while the call is being connected.

SKT’s LTE and 5G subscribers can sign up for the V Coloring service online or offline and download the V Coloring app from Google Play or One Store. Customers can choose to have different video ringback tones play for different contacts or at different times of the day.

In 2002, SKT launched the world’s first ringback tone service named ‘Coloring’ and gained huge popularity among customers by allowing them to use music and other audio as a way to express themselves.

The company expects V Coloring to take root as Korea’s leading platform for short-form videos, which are emerging as one of the main contents in the 5G era. It also projects that the service will not only become popular among its individual customers, but will also be widely used by businesses as a means of advertisement.

V Coloring is expected to grow even faster once it becomes a basic feature of smartphones and is made available to users of all three Korean mobile operators through the introduction of an interworking service.

At present, V Coloring offers a wide variety of short-form videos including K-pop idol contents and music videos. SKT will further expand V Coloring’s content library through partnerships with diverse content providers. The company will also increase the convenience of V Coloring users by adding features that suggest personalized contents, recommend popular contents, and enable users to create their own content.

“We are excited to launch V Coloring, a subscription-based video ringback tone service fit for the era of 5G,” said Ryu Young-sang, President of MNO of SK Telecom. “We will make efforts to make V Coloring the leading short-form video platform in Korea by meeting the needs and interests of customers who like to express themselves in a unique and fun way through mobile devices.”

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