Seoul, Korea, October 27, 2020 – SK Telecom (SKT) has opened ‘T Factory,’ a facility that shows all about SKT, in Seoul, on October 31, 2020.

T Factory is designed to share SKT’s future ICT vision and introduce the company’s latest achievements in technologies and services, as well as its partnerships. It will constantly grow and evolve, reflecting changes in customer and market trends.

SKT is determined to shape T Factory into a place where it can closely communicate with its customers by providing them with a chance to freely experience its services. Based on customers’ valuable response and feedback, the company will push for greater improvements to take customer experience to the next level.

Visitors at T Factory will be able to experience representative services and products created in partnership with other companies; key services of SKT and its ICT affiliate companies; 24-hour unmanned store; and a cultural space specially created for younger generations.

T Factory will show how SKT has been collaborating with companies of home and abroad including Microsoft, Apple and Samsung Electronics. Visitors can enjoy 5GX Cloud Game, which SKT recently launched with Microsoft. It will also display the latest products of Apple and Samsung Electronics for customers to experience. T Factory will become a place of burgeoning innovations, where startups and ICT hidden champions can explore new ideas and communicate with customers.

T Factory will also feature diverse innovative services being offered by SKT and its ICT affiliates. For instance, visitors can choose and enjoy any content from a wide variety of media services including V Coloring, Wavve, Btv and Flo. Visitors can also learn about the latest security services like quantum cryptography solutions and blockchain-based mobile e-certification service; experience AI-based products and services including ‘NUGU,’ an AI speaker, ‘T Phone X NUGU,’ an AI-based communication platform, ‘MeetUs,’ a group video conference service, and ‘T Map,’ a mobility service; and enjoy a smart way of shopping via 11st Street. Diverse goods related to the world’s best esports team T1 will also be on display for esports fans.

T Factory will operate an unmanned store named ‘T-Factory 24’ that opens 24 hours a day to enable customers to self check-in, compare smartphones, receive AI-based consulting on price plans, purchase a smartphone & accessories, sign-up for service and sell used phones. After registering once, customers can enter the store anytime via facial recognition-based self check-in. To protect customers against the Covid-19 pandemic, SKT installed a specially designed gate kiosk applied with door sensors and thermal sensors of ADT Caps. T-Factory 24 is expected to provide improved customer convenience by enabling customers to complete the sign-up process and leave the store with a new smartphone in just five minutes

T factory will also feature a space filled with fun and interactive items created for the younger generations. They can experience the exciting augmented reality (AR) mirror, spend time with their friends in a virtual space via Jump VR, and enjoy AI-based music curation service.

“T Factory, as the name implies, is a place where technologies for tomorrow are constantly created. It will be a venue of innovation and creativity where people of diverse backgrounds and expertise come together to share ideas and openly collaborate,” said Park Jung-ho, CEO of SK Telecom. “I hope T Factory will not only provide customers with new experience and fun, but will also encourage ICT companies to dive into new experiments and ventures, thereby inspiring and energizing the whole ICT industry in Korea.”

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