Qlik and ITE Enhance Partnership in Deep Learning for Data Analytics for Students and Teaching Staff in Singapore

Qlik and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) have renewed a three-year agreement to upskill ITE teaching staff and students in data analytics. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will equip ITE teaching staff and students with specialised skills in areas such as deep learning for data and business analytics to meet the industry demand for data analytics roles.

“We are delighted to once again partner with Qlik to raise the capabilities of our teaching staff and students in data analytics. This strategic integration of data analytics and digitalisation-related training into our curriculum will equip ITE students with the right mindset and skills to attune to rapid technological changes and meet the demand for data analytics roles in the future economy. Teaching staff will likewise be provided with the necessary data skills to train and support their students in their data and analytics competencies,” said Ms Alice Seow, Principal, ITE College West.

Under the MOU, Qlik will provide ITE access to its data analytics platform and resources for use in course curriculum and research, enabling teaching staff and students to boost their data literacy skills. ITE and Qlik will also work closely together for industry project opportunities and student competitions. These will complement students’ learning of data analytics and offer them real-world, hands-on experience to implement these new capabilities once they enter the workforce.

“The way we learn, live, and work has evolved. Students entering today’s challenging, data-driven environment must possess strong analytical skill sets to keep pace with the rapid technological change. This is especially so given the current COVID-19 pandemic, where real-time and predictive insights are highly sought after by businesses to navigate these uncertain times,” said Mr. Geoff Thomas, Senior Vice President, APAC, Qlik. “Our partnership with ITE will help ensure that students are equipped with the necessary data skills and knowledge to succeed in today and tomorrow’s world of work.”

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