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Qlik Acquires Blendr.io To Drive Real-time Data Into SaaS Applications

Singapore – October 23, 2020 – Qlik® has acquired Blendr.io, an easy-to-use, scalable and secure embedded integration and automation platform (iPaaS), that seamlessly automates data integration and orchestration of processes across 500+ SaaS applications and cloud data sources. Purpose built for embedded SaaS use cases and enterprise integration workflows, Blendr.io expands Qlik’s ability to deliver Active Intelligence through its end-to-end data integration and cloud analytics platform, where real-time, up-to-date data triggers immediate action to accelerate business value across the entire data and analytics supply chain.

“Modern data and analytics solutions like Qlik are delivering Active Intelligence, where technology and processes enable the continuous use of real-time data to automate action and enable timely decision making,” said Mike Capone, CEO at Qlik. “Blendr.io’s extensive iPaaS solution will further expand the ability of Qlik’s end-to-end platform to help customers more easily and seamlessly integrate data and automate processes across every decision throughout the organization.”

With the acceleration to cloud-based SaaS applications, modern data and analytics platforms must enable real-time data access, ingestion, transformation and insight discovery to trigger action at the point of decision. Through Blendr.io’s best-in-class application connectivity, integration and process automation solutions, Qlik reinforces the importance of automation and action as key attributes of its cloud-first end-to-end data and analytics platform.

“We’re heading into an era in which integration and automation capabilities will be blended with business processes and analytics,” said Doug Henschen, vice president and principal analyst at Constellation Research. “This blending will help companies evolve from just managing data and publishing dashboards to automating actions and delivering concise, contextually relevant insights at key decision points.”

Blendr.io’s technology enables Qlik to expand the existing breadth of its data integration and data analytics offerings to also include automation to trigger actions and enhance augmented analytics capabilities. Qlik will expand existing Blendr.io standalone iPaaS use cases to include the ability for customers to explore new analytics use cases through timely access to even more analytics-ready relevant data from over 500 SaaS applications.

Blendr.io, which already serves more than 1,500 end user clients through over 100 customer accounts such Aptivio, Graydon and Globis Software, provides a comprehensive set of real-time integration and automation layers, including:

  • Connectivity Layer – Enables integrations with cloud platforms and 500+ SaaS applications​
  • Integration Layer – Enables building of comprehensive “blends” with an easy-to-use, flexible low-code visual builder that supports scheduling and adds business logic by including conditions, variables and more​
  • UI and Embedding Layer – Embeds integrations into the UI of a cloud platform and offers end customers fast, comprehensive ways to activate integration across marketing, sales, and other cloud platforms such as CRM, ERP, helpdesk and more
  • Management Layer – Delivers central management of customers, integrations, templates and embedding into a cloud platform

Blendr.io will also help expand the Qlik ecosystem use cases across ISVs, SaaS providers and enterprises. For ISVs and SaaS providers, Blendr.io helps integrate data from existing SaaS solutions with a variety of customer solutions, including accounting software, ERPs, CRMs, e-commerce platforms, sales cloud tools, messaging apps and more. Blendr.io also helps ISVs and SaaS providers enable customer self-service activation through native integrations to cloud data sources.

For IT teams managing enterprise application and integration, Blendr.io easily integrates into almost any platform, from application tracking systems and human resource management systems to e-learning and expense management. And through Blendr.io, organizations can more easily feed AI engines and platforms by automating the data capture from hundreds of cloud application data sources to further data science and predictive analytics efforts.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The Blendr.io team and leadership have joined Qlik as part of the Global Products and Product Technology organizations. Qlik is fully committed to supporting all existing Blendr.io customers and the platform will continue to be made available to new SaaS solution partners. Qlik will be integrating Blendr.io technologies into its current go-to-market models, with plans to integrate the technologies into its cloud-first data and analytics platforms starting in 2021.

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