SINGAPORE, 27 JULY 2020 – Whipping up more homecooked meals for your family during this #stayhome / #WFH  period? The prolonged use may inevitably cause wear and tear to your hob and hood. However, with proper use and maintenance, you can increase the lifespans of your appliances! TURBO offer some tips on how to upkeep your hob and hood.


  1. Wet sponge with mild soap, and then give the surface of your hob a thorough wipe down after each cooking session. This will prevent the spillages or stains from setting, which in turn become more difficult to remove.
  2. Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals on your stainless steel or glass hob. The chemicals may corrode the surface.
  3. Remove the grates and rings and submerge them in hot water. Wash with mild soap. 
  4. Use a toothbrush to scrub away any grime or residue in the nook and cranny of your hob.
  5. Avoid placing oversized pots on the hobs as this can trap and cause heat to build up.
  6. Avoid any kind of food preparation on the hob, as knifework will scratch the surface and chopping action may damage the material.


  1. Clean greasy metal filters with hot water and dish detergent. Clear the blockage in the filter holes thoroughly. Replace metal filters that have stubborn grease or stains.
  2. Carbon or charcoal filters should not be washed. Replace them if there is oil build-up.
  3. When it is very windy outside, be sure to close the kitchen’s windows. Strong winds may affect the efficiency and power of the hood’s suction.
  4. Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals on stainless steel hood. The chemicals may corrode the surfaces.
  5. Leave the hood on for five to 10 minutes after cooking. This will absorb any residual smoke. 
Mark Ko

Mark Ko

Besides tech, I love chicken rice. Point me in the right direction and I'll go and try it. :)
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