I’ve been using giga for about 4 months now and I have no problem with it at all. Be it connection, billing or their rollover service, I have yet encounter any issues. Sompah! (I swear in Singlish)

The usual connection issue at Serangoon MRT doesn’t seem to affect my surfing experience with giga, which I still face while using another data service with a well-known telco in Singapore.

I used to think that if a service provider does not offer unlimited weekend data, they will suck. That’s because I switch off my Wi-Fi before I turn in for the day, but have the habit of watching a bit of YouTube videos before I welcome a brand new day.

Now, I’m convinced that I do not need that at all. 

I signed up my first no-contract giga account during a promotion. It comprises 20GB of local data, 200mins of talk time and 200 SMS. All of that for $18 nett. 

So far, my available data has not gone under 10GB and I don’t think it ever will as it gets rolled over to the next month. This means I’ll have 30GB of fresh data to use. If I keep this up, I might have 40GB. But point to note, there’s a limit to how much data I can rollover per month. It’s capped at 20GB for my plan and for 2 renewal cycles.

What about mobile phones?

giga does not offer any discounts to mobile devices nor sell them at all. It is strictly a data service provider. But that does not mean that you cannot get smartphones on cheap through an instalment plan. 

I did a calculation. An amateurish one since I’m known within my circle that I am not the math wizard I never pride myself to be.

Anyway, the reason for calculating based on 21 months below is because that’s when you can renew and get a new phone for a discounted price if you are contracted to a mainstream mobile service provider.

Here’s how I see it.

giga plan (no-contract)

$18 x 21 months = $378

Base model of the iPhone 11 Pro = $1,649

Total damage for 21 months = $2,027

Monthly payment = $18 + $137.41 (12 month instalment plan) = $155.41

X provider’s C plan (2-year contractual plan)

$72.90 x 21 months = $1,530.90

Base model of the iPhone 11 Pro = $848

Total damage for 21 months = $2,378.90

Monthly payment = $72.90 flat

With giga, I save $351.90. I can probably save it for the new Sony PlayStation 5!

To continue my burn on conventional contractual plans, they usually comes with super outdated features. The C plan above comprises 3GB of local data, unlimited minutes of talk time, SMS and whole lot of fringe services that I don’t need. If you want more data, pay an additional $9.90 per month to triple it to 9GB? Wah biang!

For giga, if you need an additional 1GB of local data, just go to the app and pay a dollar for it. It also has different packs for you to add-on, which mostly cost between $1-$2.

Okay, enough of that but I’m sure you got my point. 

Like many of the right choices I’ve made on Lazada so far, I’m giving giga 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The reason why I am giving only 4.5 stars even though it has not given me any issues is that their app is kinda laggy. Perhaps it’s time to tidy up your code and review your dependencies? It’s not a deal-breaker for sure and you probably don’t need to frequent it as much once all is set up. Just little pet peeve, I guess.

The standard plans offered by giga start from $10 for 5GB of local data to $45 for 50GB.

If you are looking for the promotional plan I signed up for, it might pop up once in a while. So do keep your eyes peeled for it.

Have you tried giga? What’s your experience?

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