Tencent Music steadily growing its popular karaoke app 'WeSing' in more countries

Tencent Music steadily growing its popular karaoke app ‘WeSing’ in more countries

Tencent Music steadily growing its popular karaoke app 'WeSing' in more countries

SINGAPORE, Sept. 22, 2019,/PRNewswire/ — Tencent Music Entertainment Group is the leading online music entertainment platform in China that operates some of the most popular music apps locally and beyond. Recently at Music Matters 2019 in Singapore, Tencent Music Entertainment Group Vice President Dennis Hau shared that WeSing is expecting sustainable success for its products in more countries.

WeSing, Tencent Music Entertainment Group’s popular social Karaoke application, besides China, is available in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. On Google Play for three consecutive months, it has been the No.1 music and audio app by downloads in the Philippines and Indonesia, as well as the top 2 music and audio app by downloads in Malaysia and Thailand. Also, WeSing has gained a high daily recommendation rate by Google Play in Southeast Asia.

Hau said that he is a product guy and attaches huge importance to sustainability to retain users rather than rushing at popularity. WeSing has created a craze in the Philippines since its launch in 2017. Ranked as the top music and audio app in Southeast Asia, hundreds of KOLs from the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia have joined the WeSing network and uploaded thousands of Karaoke videos to the platform. Hau has expressed his confidence at the performance of WeSing in the above markets, based on demographic and marketing research which has showcased the promising market size in Southeast Asia.

Technology also matters for Tencent Music and its products. With world-leading technologies such as AI Music Quality Analysis and AI Tagging, WeSing had drastically improved efficiency in selecting, discovering and distributing quality content, which further allowed for more promising content and exposure support for users.

Mr Dennis Hau said:

“Our system is based on analyzing the audio features of music with AI. As for WeSing in China, there are 10 million new UGCs uploaded on the platform per day, of which 800,000 good quality UGCs are singled out using AI to make a smart and personalized recommendation to various interest groups. Comparing to the UGCs that have not gone through AI selection, the AI selected ones to have an increased play-time of 20% and an increased user-conversion of 20%.”