KaHa launches world’s slimmest smart analogue watch with SEIKO and SUTEC

KaHa launches world’s slimmest smart analogue watch with SEIKO and SUTEC

KaHa, a Singapore-based Internet of Things (IoT) solutions firm has launched an ultra-slim smart analogue watch with a case thickness of just 9mm and a plethora of smart functions powered by KaHa’s 4.2mm smart module. The company is also introducing a meteorology smartwatch and blood pressure and heart rate-monitoring hybrid-display smartwatch.  

KaHa’s partnership with industry leaders SEIKO Instruments Inc. and SUTEC marries proven watchmaking pedigree and timeless design language with the latest in IoT technology. The alliance leverages on the complementary strengths of the three parties, with SEIKO Instruments Inc. providing its gearbox expertise, SUTEC for the exquisitely designed and carefully manufactured watch and KaHa’s proprietary IoT platform COVE® powering the new smart analogue watch.

Lightweight and svelte, the 9mm watch departs from conventional smartwatch design and eschews the sterility of a purely digital dial. Instead, the watch makes no use of a dial at all, contributing to its ultra-slim profile and contemporary look. In place of a typical watch, the dial is a translucent glass face giving the user a glimpse into the inner workings of the famed SEIKO Instruments Inc. gearbox – Japanese engineering at its finest.  

Sleekness is not the only highlight of the watch. Despite its diminutive size, it is packed with sleep monitoring, sedentary alert and multiple activities tracking functions, and does not skimp on the basics like automatic time sync, dual time zone functionality, call, text, email and find my phone features.  From the meticulous use of the smallest mechanical components available to its graceful and timeless design, the new smart analogue watch is the perfect discreet tech companion for any activity and personal style.

“We are proud and excited about this launch, a product of our ongoing partnership with SEIKO Instruments Inc. and SUTEC. The smart analogue watch is only one of many devices that KaHa is developing to address the growing and changing needs of our customers,” said KaHa founder and CEO Pawan Gandhi. “We remain committed to empowering our consumers to take charge of their health and fitness, hence we will continue to expand our smart wearables offerings.”

Ray Lin, Vice President of SUTEC said,

“We’re thrilled to be working with SEIKO Instruments Inc. and KaHa in bringing a unique blend of the modern aesthetic, traditional craftsmanship, and technology to a discerning watch market.  We look forward to many more collaborations.”

Alongside the slimmest smart analogue watch, the KaHa-SEIKO Instruments Inc.-SUTEC alliance has unveiled two specialised smartwatches: a meteorology smartwatch and a health-monitoring hybrid-display smartwatch that monitors heart rate and blood pressure. In addition to tracking the weather, the meteorology smartwatch features sleep monitoring, activity tracking (including steps, distance travelled, and calories burnt), call, text, email, and other alerts, as well as ‘Find My Phone’ capability. One unique feature is a mini-dial on the watch face with markers for various weather conditions, such as ‘Sunny’, ‘Cloudy’, ‘Rainy’, ‘Snowy’, and ‘Thunderstorm’.

Equally, feature-packed is the hybrid-display smartwatch, which combines an analogue dial and traditional hour and minute hands with a digital display showing the user’s heart rate and blood pressure. Other features include sedentary alert, sleep monitoring, activity tracking (including steps, distance travelled, and calories burnt), various notification alerts, and ‘Find My Phone’ capability.

The range of smartwatches from the partnership also includes a classic smartwatch with multiple notification alerts, sedentary alert, sleep monitoring, and activity tracking; a classic hybrid display smartwatch with all of the above features as well as a modern OLED display; a heart rate monitor smartwatch with a unique Breathe to Relax function; and a music smartwatch which allows the user to tune in to his or her favourite soundtracks with the touch of a finger.

With the introduction of these smartwatches powered by COVE®, KaHa establishes itself yet again as the preferred partner for enterprises and brands interested in innovative smart wearables including smart bands, smart accessories and smart apparel.  The COVE® platform enables partners and customers to go to market fast without prohibitive financial costs and capture a new generation of customers.

KaHa was founded in 2015 in Singapore with the vision of improving lives, beginning with the most basic of human needs – safety. KaHa’s first offering empowered women with a device that could connect them to a guardian or direct them to safety in an emergency. Since then, KaHa has launched products aimed at addressing other issues, primarily fitness and sports as well as health and wellness and digital payment.
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