Singapore IoT company ropes in technology to boost jumping rope workouts

Singapore IoT company ropes in technology to boost jumping rope workouts
Adrienn Banhegyi, jump rope performer and world champion

Singapore IoT solutions company KaHa, challenges fitness conventions as it brings a modern twist to the classic jump rope. KaHa’s proprietary IoT platform, COVE®, now powers Lifeflow, a smart jump rope that combines activity and health monitoring with one of the world’s most effective exercises – jumping rope.

Damian Tay, Vice President of Business Development of KaHa said,

“We’re excited to partner with Jump Rope Federation Singapore to help spread the word about the benefits and convenience of jumping rope to more people, not just children and boxing enthusiasts.  By merging technology with fitness tools like a jump rope or a smart fitness t-shirt, we are transforming how people manage their personal fitness by making it more convenient, effective and fun. Technology is so useful because we can apply it to old or new things to bring about positive changes.”

A multi-dimensional jumping rope experience

Singapore IoT company ropes in technology to boost jumping rope workouts

Users can now make their jump rope workouts more efficient when they use Lifeflow and its synced mobile application.  Lifeflow helps to monitor not only health data, such as heart rate, hydration levels, body temperature, oxygen consumption (VO2 max) levels and calorie burn but also activity levels such as skip count, speed and intensity of jumping rope. Such information helps users to customise their exercise based on their personal physical conditions and needs.

Adrienn Banhegyi, jump rope performer and world champion, said,

“Jump rope is one of the oldest and most accessible forms of physical activity that benefits the body and mind in many ways. Lifeflow is a one-of-its-kind smart product that allows us to truly connect with the sport – to understand, explore and engage with it through technology. It provides exceptional health data using a visual platform, which is excellent feedback and motivation to help me train effectively and understand my performance. It is also a useful tool for fitness instructors and trainers to record and evaluate their trainees’ motions and performances live. Lifeflow is definitely a great and fun tool to add to fitness training.”

Dancers and taiji practitioners can also benefit from this technology as the app tracks and displays health data and the user’s dynamic movements on live videos.

Designed for women, Lifeflow is available in three vibrant colours and designs – oriental purple, cyan blue and neon green – and comes with a detachable rope, an elegant dance streamer and exquisite tassels on the handles.

Reasons to start jumping

Traditionally, jumping rope has been embraced only by a select few, predominantly professional boxers and active children, despite research showing that it is one of the most effective exercises for weight loss and improving physical health.  Research has shown that jumping rope improves balance and coordination, agility, cardiovascular health, bone density and posture. Jumping rope is a good brain exercise as well as it requires focusing on coordinating the hands and feet.

According to a recent study, jumping rope burns 30% more calories than running and is more forgiving on the knees.  Seven minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging. Jumping rope is considered a full-body workout and is great for muscle strengthening as it engages various muscle groups in the legs, glutes, core, shoulders and arms.

Furthermore, jumping rope is among the most convenient and accessible exercises available. It is portable and ideal for people of all skill levels as one can learn how to use a jump rope easily and exercise anywhere, from the outdoors to the comfort of one’s home.  Little equipment and space are required, unlike going for a run, cycle or a game of tennis.

Don Lui, JRFS President and Head Coach said,

“With the launch of tech-integrated fitness equipment like Lifeflow, we hope to encourage more adults in Singapore to include jumping rope in their active lifestyles. Jumping rope actually offers a wide range of physical benefits and can go a long way in keeping us healthy. Together with KaHa, we hope to spread this message to a wider audience.”

Representing Singapore in the Asia Pacific Jump Rope Championship this month, Jeslyn Lim, a female professional rope jumper from JRFS said, “I am really happy that there is now a jump rope that is specially designed for women. Jumping can be both tough and fun and Lifeflow makes it more interesting. The technology in this jump rope helps me monitor my stats during training and motivates me for workouts too. I think this is useful and fun for everyone, whether they are professional jumpers or just doing it for leisure.”

As the only official organisation representing jump rope in Singapore, JRFS promotes the sport in Singapore and develops national jump rope athletes.