Trehaus launches a Silicon Valley-inspired preschool and childcare at Funan

Trehaus launches a Silicon Valley-inspired preschool and childcare at Funan

Trehaus School has announced that it is open for enrolment and will be receiving its first intake of preschool students at Trehaus at City Hall in September 2019.

Trehaus School is a Silicon Valley-inspired preschool and childcare that is changing early education, focuses on building character and future skills, and lets parents be present for their children’s learning journey. 

Dr Elaine Kim, CEO and Co-Founder of Trehaus said, “My co-founders and I believe passionately that early education needs to change to prepare our children for the future, to nurture the things that really matter – like creativity, grit, empathy, kindness, adaptability, curiosity, teamwork and good communication skills. We started Trehaus School to raise the next generation of changemakers.”

Introducing the Littles’ Programme curriculum

Trehaus School welcomes children from 2 months to 6 years old and offers the proprietary ‘Littles’ Programme Curriculum’. This curriculum draws from leading researched-based pedagogies and has been developed by an experienced team and advisory board comprising leading thought-leaders and experts in early education. It focuses not just on academic learning but also emphasizes developing skills needed by the future-ready child, including creativity, adaptability, teamwork, empathy and grit. 

The Littles’ Programme comprises of different sub-programmes to cater to a wide variety of practical and educational aspects of a child’s early education. These are the Little CEO which aims to instil leadership, confidence and public speaking skills, Little Entrepreneur to develop problem-solving and entrepreneurial skills, Little Engineer, which is a STEM programme that teaches the basics of coding, design thinking and logical reasoning.

The programme also includes the Little Philanthropist which aims to raise changemakers who want to make a positive difference in this world, then there is the Little Creative to help your child appreciate and create art and music and nurture creativity, Little Chef, which helps your child to learn life skills, cultural appreciation and healthy habits through the art and science of culinary arts and Little Athlete; a multi-sport programme that nurtures teamwork and sportsmanship.

The innovative curriculum also emphasizes the development of language and literacy, and Trehaus School offers a bilingual English and Mandarin programme, or a pure Mandarin immersion programme, that each serves to give children a headstart in reading and writing through its immersive child-led, play-based and project-based programmes.

To lead the new school, Trehaus has brought on their Head of School, Carolina Sam. With her strong global experience and educational background, Carolina will be in charge of running the new school. She has held a principal role at Hong Kong’s renowned Victoria Educational Organization, an IB curriculum coordinator at International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) and principal role for Shanghai Victoria Academy in Shanghai. Carolina has also taught in public schools in Vancouver and Hokkaido and has started an outreach education program in Yangon, Myanmar as well. 

Managing work and family in the city centre

Trehaus’ location is close to the CBD or Central Business District, as well as a short distance from the residential neighbourhoods of River Valley and Robertson Quay. Trehaus School offers unparalleled parental proximity, inviting parents to be involved in their children’s school journey. Parents have the option to work in the Trehaus Business Club located within the same space or drop in during school hours to spend time with their children. This allows working parents to not miss out on their child’s precious first few years and provides a solution for work-family balance.

This is made possible by the unconventionally high teacher to child ratio of 1:5, and the concept of teachers as second parents. Trehaus school brings on board nurturing and loving teachers, who alongside parents, fulfil Trehaus School’s mission of Raising Changemakers. 

Trehaus School is also proud to be an Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)- accredited institution, which means that local parents who enrol their children for full-day childcare are eligible to receive up to $300 in monthly fee subsidies.

Trehaus School is part of the company’s vision to create an integrated co-lifestyle space for the modern family. Trehaus started in Orchard Road as a co-working space with childcare facilities.

This new flagship space in Funan, Trehaus at City Hall, is helmed by Trehaus School and includes 2 other offerings under the same roof: Trehaus Business Club which provides flexible workspace for working parents, as well as employees of SMEs and MNCs, through its corporate membership programme that allows companies to provide employees with flexible work arrangements (FWAs) and childcare benefits; and Trehaus Family Club, which is a private members club that provides members entry to Trehaus’ indoor playground facilities, gourmet café, exclusive community events and highly discounted access to curated enrichment programmes including coding, football, yoga, Mandarin, art and music.