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Pulsifi wins inaugural Heineken HR Brewhouse challenge held at a global scale

Last updated on October 20, 2019

Pulsifi wins inaugural Heineken HR Brewhouse challenge held at a global scale

Competing alongside international HR tech players, Singapore & Malaysia based HR-tech software company Pulsifi emerged as the winner of the Wildcard category in the first-ever HEINEKEN HR Brewhouse held recently on Oct 4, 2019.

The HEINEKEN HR Brewhouse is the first of its kind, inviting HR-tech companies from around the world to take part in pitching solutions to four real-world HR challenges, covering recruitment, onboarding, employee engagement and other real-life challenges faced in the industry.

The event received 143 applications from 106 companies around the world. The three finalists from each category were then invited to a pitch day, where they presented on how their software would provide an innovative solution to a specific pain point in the human resources space.

Pulsifi’s winning pitch involved a demonstration of its predictive analytics SaaS software that combines people science and artificial intelligence to help companies hire, retain, and develop the best talent.

This marks a major milestone for Pulsifi, as the company stood out as the only company from the Asian region to win the challenge, among international players from regions such as Europe and Silicon Valley.

“HEINEKEN has made an exemplary commitment towards their people by spearheading this challenge that solves real HR problems in out-of-the-box ways,” said Pulsifi co-founder and CEO Jay Huang. “The next industrial revolution will bring even more challenges in HR, and progressive companies like HEINEKEN who are the early adopters of HR technology will see their investment pay off quickly.”

HEINEKEN’s Global HR Technology & Solutions Director, Herman Rolfers shared, “Pulsifi’s predictive analytics software opens up a completely new world of possibilities when it comes to developing world-class talent. Its approach to gathering multiple data points and understanding talent at the workplace is original, and it is refreshing to see innovation like this being developed out of Southeast Asia.”


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