YY Part Time Jobs unveils new QR code feature to help F&B retailers find staff within 3 hours

YY Part Time Jobs unveils new QR code feature to help F&B retailers find staff within 3 hours

This year, YY Hong Ye Group is proud to be kicking things up a notch with the launch of a first-of-its-kind new app feature: utilising QR Code technology to enable employers to hire on-demand staff and jobseekers to find same-day pay jobs immediately. Killing two birds with one stone, this new app feature revolutionises the otherwise tedious human resource recruitment process, making it simpler, faster and smarter.

Since its launch on 2nd July last year, YY Part Time Jobs app – available free of charge on both Android and Apple platforms – has been an excellent on-demand digital staffing platform that matchmakes both employers and part-time employment seekers in the F&B industry. The app has experienced a whopping close to a two-fold increase in registered users and app downloads, as well as a more than one-third increase in job listings on the app in a short span of one year.

The app is a brainchild of YY Hong Ye Group, which has over 10 years of experience in the Human Resource industry managing part-timers. Seventy per cent of five-star hotels in Singapore and a significant number of fast-food chains and high-end restaurants are currently using the company’s services. Its clientele includes The Fullerton Hotel Singapore; Regent Hotel; Shangri-La Hotel; McDonald’s; House of Seafood; and more.

Say goodbye to manpower woes. A quick scan of the QR Code will allow employers to fulfil their impromptu temporary staffing needs within a short span of 3 hours. Employers are not the only ones that benefit. Individuals who are looking to earn some quick cash on their free days can simply scan the QR Code to find temporary employment. In this day and age where time is money, this amazing feature makes the hiring process simpler, quicker and more effective than before. F&B business owners can now hire on-the-go and employment seekers are able to find temporary jobs more efficiently.

Labour shortage has long been a problem that plagues the F&B industry. This new feature aims to address the challenge that F&B business owners face. Employers will have immediate access to YY Hong Ye Group’s ready database of over 98,000 part-timers.

“In this era of smartphones, the QR Code, once relegated to the sidelines, has found its purpose. It is now most commonly used in contactless payment gateway systems, and now YY Hong Ye Group has found yet another purpose for it in the human resource industry. The QR Code acts as a unique, fast and effective way to bridge the gap between employers and employees. Both employers and employees are able to get onto the platform by simply scanning the QR Code with a mobile device that is equipped with a camera and QR Code reader application. Employers can now gain quick access to our pool of 98,000 part-timers within seconds,” explained Pauline Low, Managing Director of YY Hong Ye Group, on the idea of using QR Code technology.

Steps on how to use the QR Code

YY Part Time Jobs unveils new QR code feature to help F&B retailers find staff within 3 hours

Employers can use the app to list their job vacancies, and they can also specify job details such as time, place, and other criteria, such as relevant skills and years of experience. The app has an algorithm that ensures only relevant candidates are matched with the employers. The app will automatically execute the matchmaking, and then notify both the part-timer and employer when there is a successful match. If both parties accept, the employer can then make interview arrangements with the candidate. In the event that there are no successful matches, employers can also call YY Hong Ye Group’s hotline and request to do a manual matching.

Ensuring Quality Employment

To ensure that part-timers on the platform are well prepared to take on new job responsibilities, YY Hong Ye Group conducts stringent face-to-face interviews and in-house quality service training. The training includes educating on the do and don’ts during of serving, positive and negative body language and postures, good manners, positive outlook, attire, engagement with clients, following client’s instructions, willingness to go the extra mile etc.

Apart from the in-house training, most part-timers on the platform have attended WSQ Food and Beverage Safety and Hygiene Policies and Procedures. Other Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications accredited by Skills Future SG to part-timers include:

  • Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications – FB-RM-102C-1 Follow Food and Beverage Safety and Hygiene Policies and Procedures
  • Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications – CLG-SS-101C-1 Provide Quality Services
  • Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications – EVS- WSH-1006-1.1 Workplace Safety and Health Practices Implementation
  • Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications – CLG-GWS-101C-1 Demonstrate Understanding of the Local Cleaning Industry Environment
  • Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications – ES-JS-101G-1 Comply with Workplace Safety and Health Policies and Procedures

Profile of the Part-timers on the App

YY Hong Ye Group App statistics have shown that 48% of the part-timers using the app are between the ages 16 to 25, followed by 13% over the age of 60, less than 10% between the ages 26 and 35, less than 10% between the ages 13 to 16 and the remaining between ages 35 to 50.

Part-timers on the app are adept in different job scopes. Statistics have shown that the ratio of job opportunities part-timers look out for on the app are as follow 32.5% in F&B Banquet, 22.5% in F&B Outlets, 11.3% as Kitchen Helpers, 5.5% as Stewarding Staff, 21.4% as Cleaners and 6.8% in Others.

Perks for Part-timers using the Platform

To encourage job-seekers to use the platform to seek employment, YY Hong Ye Group has put in place a special YY Part Time Jobs Rewards System where registered part-timers can accumulate points earned to redeem items such as iPhone XS, iMac, laptops, Dyson products etc. Ways to earn points include daily log-ins, daily news feed postings and least but not least, by clocking in salary when one works as a part-timer under YY Hong Ye Group.

YY Hong Ye Group prides itself for its reputable achievement of 90% staff attendance rate in all of its orders. Having already set in place a full proof matchmaking programme that can place suitable candidates with the right employers, plus a newly added fuss-free innovative QR code mechanism, YY Hong Ye Group is set to disrupt the human resource industry – but in a good way.