SolarWinds expands partnership with Westcon-Comstor in the Asia Pacific

SolarWinds expands partnership with Westcon-Comstor in the Asia Pacific

 SolarWinds, a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, has announced the appointment of Westcon-Comstor as a distributor for Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. The expanded partnership is built on top of existing distribution agreements in China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand, with the intention to give technology professionals better access to the full range of SolarWinds® IT solutions and tools that empower them to solve today’s IT challenges. 

A specialised technology distributor of unparalleled solutions in security, collaboration, networking, and data centre, Westcon-Comstor translates these solutions to real value for its partners through its unmatched expertise in global deployment, digital distribution, and value-added services.

SolarWinds, an IT management software company, provides organisations worldwide—regardless of type, size, or IT infrastructure complexity—the power to monitor and manage the performance of their IT environments, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid models. Over 300,000 customers worldwide use SolarWinds IT management software, which enables IT professionals to identify and address a complete range of hybrid IT infrastructure performance issues. 

“Westcon-Comstor’s extensive partner network, specifically in the government and commercial sectors, go-to-market offerings, and leadership experience, complements our award-winning IT management software,” said David Cronk, senior vice president of international sales, SolarWinds. “Together, we believe the expansion will further strengthen our presence in the emerging cloud and hybrid IT market. We look forward to seeing this win-win partnership unlock new opportunities and simplify the lives of technology professionals in the region.”

“This partnership is a great addition to our extensive and diverse portfolio of partners,” said Patrick Aronson, executive vice president, Asia Pacific, Westcon-Comstor. “SolarWinds and Westcon-Comstor are both closely aligned on the same goals of delivering greater value to technology professionals. We are proud to partner with SolarWinds on this journey together.”

Phil Cameron, managing director, Australia, Westcon-Comstor, added, “The addition of SolarWinds to our already diverse vendor portfolio enables our valued partners to provide future-proof, flexible solutions to their customers – regardless of whether it’s on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid model.”