Horangi Warden now available on AWS Marketplace

One of the region’s leading cybersecurity companies, Horangi Cyber Security, has launched Horangi Warden on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. Horangi Warden is a security monitoring Software-as-a -Solutions (SaaS) tool that protects assets hosted on the cloud.

Horangi CEO and co-founder Paul Hadjy said: “With the launch of Warden on AWS Marketplace, we are excited to see our relationship with AWS grow. As AWS customers ourselves, Horangi is committed to securing the cloud landscape so that users all over the world can continue reaping the benefits of cloud computing. We believe Warden is a cost-effective and easy-to-implement tool that gives IT managers and DevOps 24/7 visibility to address their misconfigurations securely in the cloud.”

Built by Horangi’s cloud engineers using security best practices, Warden is a cloud monitoring tool that identifies, analyses, and protects businesses’ cloud infrastructure from vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. It can help to identify top cloud security vulnerabilities as well as provide recommendations for best practices and prevents risks from turning into incidents. Warden’s insights into cloud vulnerabilities enable companies to be abreast of changes in the evolving cloud environment.

AWS Marketplace is a managed, and curated, software catalogue with an e-commerce storefront, that helps customers innovate faster and reduce costs, by making it easy to find, buy, immediately deploy, and manage 3rd party software. Visitors to AWS Marketplace can use AWS Marketplace’s 1-Click deployment to quickly launch pre-configured software and pay only for what they use, by the hour or month. AWS handles billing and payments, and software charges appear on customers’ AWS bill.