Meet Google Nest Hub and the 4 things it can do for you

Google has launched a new smart device in Singapore and it’s called the Google Nest Hub. What’s a Google Nest Hub, you asked?

Well, imagine Google Home has a display to show you the information you seek than telling you that information. That’s what the Google Nest Hub is about.

With a simple, “Hey Google,” you can follow-up with a question or a command to get the built-in Google Assistant to show you how to get to Vivo City, access your Google Photos or watch your favourite YouTube videos. Of course with Google’s AI assistant, you can do more than that.

Other things that Google Nest Hub can do include:

Setting custom Routines

Meet Google Nest Hub and the 4 things it can do for you

You can trigger a series of information you want such as video news, weather, traffic, etc. with a phrase that you preset under Routines. For example: “Hey Google, Good morning!” If you set this as the phrase that you will use to tell your Google Assistant to bring out the weather information and traffic to work, then it will display the information and read it to you one after the other. This feature can capture up to six different voices to access their personalised routines through Voice Match.

Connecting to your smart home devices

Meet Google Nest Hub and the 4 things it can do for you

If you have many smart home devices/adaptors and they are compatible with Google Assistant, then you can also use the Google Nest Hub to sent your commands like adjusting your lights, switching on your a/c or adjusting the volume of your television.

Viewing your Google Photos and calling it out

Meet Google Nest Hub and the 4 things it can do for you

When is the last time you view your photo album? You probably don’t until you have nothing to do or you recalled a memory. With the Google Nest Hub, you can put your Google Photos on display and it will automatically refresh the photos with your best shots. If you have something more specific like photos in a particular album on your Google Photos, you can also call it out by say, “Show me my photos from Kaohsiung.”

Using it for cooking/baking recipe

“Hey Google, tell me the recipe for making a rainbow cake.” This sentence is so yesterday with the Google Nest Hub. Now, you can say, “Hey Google, show me how to make a rainbow cake” and your Google Assistant will bring out videos from their partners, Tasty, Food Network and Genius Kitchen onto your display.

Want to buy already?

The Google Nest Hub is now available at Challenger, COURTS, M1 and Google Store. It comes in Charcoal and Chalk colours, and is priced at S$189.00.

There’s also a promotion that is coming in July. If you purchase the Nest Hub from Challenger, COURTS and M1, you will receive a Google Assistant Compatible Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080P by Xiaomi. What a steal! Oops!

On Google’s end, if you make a purchase via Google Store before 2 July 2019, you will get a free Chromecast.