Epson showcases brightest 30,000 Lumens 3LCD Projector at Infocomm Southeast Asia 2019

For the first time in Southeast Asia, Epson showcased its brightest 3LCD projector to date, at 30,000 lumens, at Infocomm Southeast Asia 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand, along with its innovative suite of laser projector solutions with interactive applications within various environments for work and play.

Epson 3LCD 30,000 Lumens Laser Projector Showcase

A breakthrough in innovation, the EB-L30000UNL projector is powered by a 20,000-hour maintenance-free laser light source for outstanding image quality and is designed for rental and staging companies. The projector is showcased ahead of its launch in 2020.

The versatile projector is available as a ‘body only’ option, which provides the user with a wide choice of 4K quality optional lenses suitable for a range of scenarios. Its compact design and 360-degree installation flexibility enable ease of installation to suit the ever-changing environment needs.

The powerful EB-L30000UNL produces impressive laser image quality, creating rich colours, high contrast, clear whites, defined shadow detail and deep blacks. Supporting up to 1,000 inches in screen size, the WUXGA resolution projector comes with 4K enhancement technology with a contrast of over 2,500,000:1 for a stunning and immersive 4K experience.

Art Display Showcase

Epson’s most versatile installation laser projectors, the compact EB-L1070UNL projector is also on display ahead of its launch later this year in an art display showcase. With a brightness of 7,000 lumens, these projectors come with a 4K enhancement technology and interchangeable lenses support.

The projectors are showcased together with the ELPLX01 Ultra-short throw lens that features zero lens offset, projecting images parallel to the position of the lens. A minimalist, discreet design and quieter fan noise ensure that it fits seamlessly into a wide variety of environments.

The projectors are also able to seamlessly project a uniformed colour, using its in-built colour adjustment function. Despite the difference in brightness in the different art displays, the projections are uniform, vivid and vibrant.

Home Theatre Showcase

The EH-TW9400 4K PRO-UHD home projector is exhibited in a cosy home theatre section that features an advanced pixel-shifting, resolution-enhancement technology that doubles the resolution of Full-HD resolution, upscaling non-4K content, delivering the ultimate cinematic home theatre experience.

The projectors come with a wider HDR10 parameter and 18Gbps support, allowing users to adjust the brightness and gradation of projected images with greater detail and accuracy to project 4K/60p HDR content.

The projector’s improved motorised lenses enable natural and detailed projections in both bright and dark scenes. Regardless of ambient lighting, users are able to enjoy beautiful and well-defined images. The advanced lens system further enhances the most intricate details, ensuring motion pictures are sharp and smooth.

Interactive Applications

Interactive Bar Counter Showcase

Epson’s accent lighting projector, the Lightscene EV-100 series, is showcased in an intimate interactive bar environment. With its in-built customisable shape filters and third-party mapping software, the projector is capable of enabling a unique interactive experience over the bar counter for the customer. For example, ingredients of selected cocktails or even a ‘reserved’ sign can be projected onto the counter, alongside the cocktail drink when triggered.

Interactivity on a larger scale can be enabled for up to 16 projectors simultaneously to display synchronised content. As such, the sleek and compact Lightscene projectors can combine interactivity with reactive content, enabling the display of real-time information in a real-life environment. For example, projecting promotional offers on bar counters or customised greeting messages on tables.

Cube of Imagination

Epson showcases brightest 30,000 Lumens 3LCD Projector at Infocomm Southeast Asia 2019

The innovative interactive cube projection is powered by the 15,000 lumens EB-L1755UNL projector that comes with WUXGA resolution and a 4K enhancement technology that surpasses Full-HD image quality. In the application, users can select their desired image to be projected on the cube.

The projector comes with an in-built camera that detects subtle colour inconsistencies between multiple screens before performing colour correction. The projector can also be rotated 360 degrees in any direction and it works well on various types of surfaces. This is made possible because of the geometric correction functions and the range of lens compatibility that this projector has, to fit any venue requirement.

Interactive Mini City and Interactive Nature Walkway

Epson showcases brightest 30,000 Lumens 3LCD Projector at Infocomm Southeast Asia 2019

Other interactive features include the interactive table fitted with games suited for educational purposes, as well as the interactive walkway showcasing projection effects through capturing movements.

The key to these installations is installation flexibility. The interactive mini-city table is powered by the EB-L1405UNL that can be rotated 360 degrees in any direction and can perform multiple geometric corrections. This means that it can be easily installed for a wide variety of installation purposes.

The interactive nature walkway is powered by the EB-L610U that features a wide lens shift function of 20% and 50% enabling horizontal and vertical lens shift for easy adjustment.

Seamless Interactive Wall with Moverio

The seamless interactive wall is powered by two units of EB-1470Ui that come with interactive features enabling collaborative discussions from anywhere in the world. Users are able to write, touch, move objects across the screens with interactive pens or even fingers, making communication two-way traffic. It also displays an ultra-wide interactive panoramic screen of up to 177-inch diagonally.

The interactive wall is also paired with the Moverio BT-35E smart glasses, an augmented reality Si-OLED-powered binocular see-through smart eyewear that enables hands-free and real-time display. Designed for commercial applications, the plug-and-play BT-35E can be easily connected with Android devices and be effectively deployed in healthcare, commercial drone piloting, engineering, entertainment and more.

Epson Professional Tool

The Epson Professional Tool, showcased together with two units of EB-L20000UNL projectors, controls all of Epson’s high brightness laser projectors via the network, providing enhanced convenience for installations without the need for manual adjustments. It can perform multiple functions, including lens control and advanced geometric correction such as edge blending, tiling and screen matching.

A key function would be the tiling assist for edge blending function, which enables automatic blending of two screens together for convenient installation using the built-in camera in the projectors.

Epson Booth

Epson is at Infocomm Southeast Asia 2019 event from 15 to 17 May 2019, at Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC) in Thailand, Booth C20.

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