Story Data launches advanced AI and Blockchain platform for writers and their potential buyers streamlining functionality
Story Data Transforming Screenplays Into Data

Story Data is evolving global writing and sharing communities with its cloud-based, analytical “Entertainment Software as a Service” (ESaaS) application. Using big data, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning, the proprietary technology matches entertainment industry professionals with the right story at the right time. This unique hosting platform blends collaboration, story analysis, authentication, and security for as little as one’s habitual daily latte.

Creating an account is free and there are subscription plans to fit every level of interest.

Now open to writers, executives, producers, agents, managers, directors, actors, et al, the program uses the latest Ethereum Blockchain to create an immutable encrypted record of scripts and copyright information.

Story Data converts a script into data points to create intelligent and searchable “notification sets.” Producer notifications happen almost instantaneously whenever a script that matches established criteria is uploaded and made public – no need for professional readers to search databases or endless logline emails to identify the criteria, whether genre, location, dialogue, action sequences, or even a prop. SMS messaging and verbal Alexa skill searching are also available.

For writers, unprecedented security and technology controls script sharing, to whom and for how long, without any physical files. Reading and reviewing is within the secured web viewer or through the iOS or Android apps, practically eliminating leaking, unauthorized sharing, and plagiarism. For the industry recipients, there is unparalleled searching, real time notifications, list making, and with one click, protected sharing with colleagues, financiers, and/or clients.

Blockchain technology provides the first step in establishing “Chain of Title.” From inception through production, allunderlying and applicable documentation can be stored, accessed, and shared.

CEO Chris Parker elaborates, “Story Data is the first step in our goal to bring modern solutions to modern problems. Our Ethereum based Blockchain allows uploading of scripts, copyright, options, and releases. This forward thinking use of the technology can be the first step in establishing a “Chain of Title.”

Co-founder Gregory Parker says, “Story Data is more than just a script repository, it is the foundational Entertainment Software as a Service application and a technological push toward a fully digital production office.”

Writer, producer Constanza Brahm shares, “When I heard about Story Data’s innovative approach to analyzing and breaking down scripts, I couldn’t wait to join the team. It truly takes script hosting sites to the next level. I’m honored to be a part of the next wave of filmmaking, and to help writers develop their stories and get them ready to be produced!”

Producer Autumn Bailey-Ford adds, “This app should be used by all independent filmmakers looking to be matched up with great stories. The ability to find a great story using notification settings is what drew my involvement.  Essentially, the content now comes to me!”

Story Data is the brainchild of software engineer and tech entrepreneur Chris Parker and his brother and business partner, Gregory Parker. Chris is the co-founder of Indie Crowd Funder and executive editor of Indie Source Magazine.

Please visit to learn more.

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