The local company, Charaku has unveiled a portable cloud-based karaoke streaming system that you can bring wherever you go.

Imagine a Karaoke system that you normally see and now squeeze all of that into a palm-size device. That’s what the Popsical Remix is.

The small device is an all-in-one mixer and sound system. Pair it with your wireless microphones, you are set to start a concert of your own.

As the Popsical Remix is a cloud-based device, what the users get is a “self-updating library of over 200,000 songs in 14 languages.”

Portable KTV device - Popsical Remix | Tech Coffee House

To add more fun to the singing experience, the Popsical Remix also offers a wide range of special voice modulation effects. With it, you can sing like a chipmunk, alien or a robot.

It also has an in-built pitch correction effect, which should come in handy. 😉

Faruq Marican, co-founder of Popsical® and Chief Executive Officer of parent company Charaku, said:

“Karaoke is a favourite pastime of many people around the world, but it’s not always readily accessible or well-designed. With Popsical® Remix, anyone can now sing all their favourite songs in their best voice with the pitch caorrection effect or the various voice modulation effects – like that of a chipmunk.”

The Popsical Remix is retailing at S$499. To access the cloud-based song library, users will have to download its mobile app and either pay for a 24-hour subscription package of S$3.99 or a monthly fee of S$9.99.

You can get yours at the Popsical store at Our Tampines Hub.

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