FusionLens - The most versatile lens for smartphone
FusionLens – The most versatile lens for smartphone

Currently available on Kickstarter, a TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield company just announced the world’s most versatile lens accessory for smartphones. This little piece of clip-on fulfils all the wishes a photographer would dream for, from anamorphic, 8mm wide-angle to 360° shooting.

Many mobile photographers have experienced the hassles in carrying a bunch of bulky lenses and devices for capturing specific perspectives. One may find a wide-angle lens, a 360° camera, an anamorphic lens and a fisheye lens in a photographer’s travel bag. FusionLens, an all-in-one lens accessory, is disrupting the market by offering a wide range of photography options using the same lens. Different lens results can be easily switched with one single tap. It gives photographers stunning effects and peace of mind at the same time.

Stunning features all built into one clip-on

The clip-on is a dual lens system with a smart mount. The smart mount enables intuitive and precise lens alignment to the front- and rear-facing camera of an iPhone. Each lens provides 210° field of view. With the advanced computational photography algorithm, FusionLens reforms imaging formation to deliver a wide spectrum of special effects.

Anamorphic shooting: If a photographer has never tried anamorphic filming, FusionLens is a good choice to start with. Anamorphic format is cinematography technique of shooting a widescreen picture. This approach of shooting on a widescreen delivers a stylish and vintage mood in story-telling.

The aspect ratios of anamorphic format commonly in use today are 2.35:1 or 2:40:1. FusionLens offers 23:9 aspect ratio (converting the ratio would be 2.56:1). It is even wider than current anamorphic lenses on the market. Since its field of view is wide enough, for example when shooting outdoor, FusionLens is capable of capturing both ends of the street.

8mm wide-angle: Take a dramatic spacious shot in 8mm equivalent field of view. The vision is 8 times wider than that of a native iPhone camera. FusionLens captures breathtaking landscapes and highlighting portrait with a stunning background, as well as wide shots in distortion-free perspective, just like seeing it in reality.

360° shooting: Following the first generation of FusionLens, the 2.0 version has the same 360° shooting capability with enhanced stitching quality. Advanced features including 360° time-lapse video and 360° mini video are also included in the launch of the 2.0 version.

FusionLens operates both selfie and main camera of an iPhone, enabling the capture of immersive 360° memory with 6Kresolution. It is a good pick for travelers to record a moment in full, without missing anything in a shot.

How can it be possible? App.

This revolutionary way to change shooting results without actually changing the lens is due to the advanced computational photography algorithm built in the FusionLens app.

FusionLens algorithm applies different kinds of projection methodology to the captured raw images. The algorithm reconstructs a 3D scene which is then transformed into a specific lens effect. Different lens results can easily be switched with one single tap, from wide-angle, to 360° view or anamorphic view. This supports photographers’ great creativity in capturing a special moment, bringing an entirely new experience in photography history ever.

Using the front and rear-facing cameras together, a smartphone is even capable of capturing immersive 360° images. The algorithm stitches images obtained from both cameras, synchronising the exposure and saturation to form a seamless 360° picture in 2:1 aspect ratio.

Visualising the possibilities

The advancements in smartphones especially in camera resolution and GPU processing power have opened unlimited possibilities to capture better images. With precise optical engineering and sophisticated image processing technologies, FusionLens is a game-changing product in the photography history.

Tim Lo, CEO of FusionLens said:

“We never stop enhancing the product. We see great potential in computational photography technologies. There are a lot more interesting features coming to surprise our consumers.”

Open for crowdfunding

The first generation of FusionLens with 360° capturing capabilities was successfully launched on Indiegogo a year ago with full order fulfillment to Indiegogo backers. This time, the team is crowdfunding on Kickstarter for the game-changing product.

Starting with irresistible price from USD 50, pre-order opens for 30-day until Jan 17, 2019 on Kickstarter, available for iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR, with expected delivery in Mar 2019. Please visit http://bit.ly/prnews01 for pre-order and product info.

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