Google Pixel 3XL Review: Powerful AI & Camera Capabilities

The Google Pixel 3 XL can give smartphones priced on the upper range a run for their money. We take a look at two of its highlights – exceptional photo quality and powerful AI functionalities.

Google Pixel 3XL

The Google Pixel 3 XL can give smartphones priced on the upper range a run for their money.

Let’s look at two of the highlights.

Power Photos 

Photo quality is exceptional. with its single rear lens and it can capture wider selfie photos. 

Pixel’s camera comes with HDR+ on by default. The camera will capture up to 8 frames and merge them together for the best shot in any light. Consider this photo taken in low light at night, from a 15th storey window. 

Photo taken at night with Google Pixel 3XL

For the perfect action shot, Top Shot recommends the best shot from the moments captured. Top Shot uses on-device machine learning to find clear shots around your photos where people are smiling and with their eyes open. 

Big groups do not pose a problem too. You can “zoom” out to the wide angle lens to get more people in the photo by pinching out, tapping the slider, or clicking on the zoom slider at the bottom of the viewfinder. Group selfies just got easier! 

The camera app also boasts a couple of fun AI effects. By launching the camera and opening the “More” menu, select “Playground”, 
you can make your photos and videos come to life with your favorite superheroes, animated stickers, and fun captions. 

Amazing AI

Pixel 3 features a tight integration with Google Lens, packed with new functionalities. With Lens, you can search what you see to find similar clothing and home decor, copy and translate text, and identify landmarks, plants, and animals—all in real-time, right from the camera.

It was relatively easy to use – just opening the camera viewfinder and long press on the object I was interested in to bring up Google Lens. This helps with business cards, contact info, URLs, and QR codes. 

In all, the Google Pixel 3XL is good for those looking for a high-end phone with exceptional photo quality. While we may not use the AI functions that often, the photo quality the phone affords is still an attractive factor. 

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