LG Pocket Photo Snap
LG Pocket Photo Snap – Blue

Often than not, of the thousands of photos taken on our smartphones, we don’t review them as much as we had hoped. So the printing of photographs is pretty much the way to go to preserve life’s priceless moments like the new LG Pocket Photo Snap.

The LG Pocket Photo Snap is both an instant camera and a portable printer like an old-school Polaroid camera but with more functionality.

There are settings and features to help you extract out the different mood of the subject and surroundings like the black-and-white mode for a simple yet sophisticated shot.

With the app, you can also add touches of your creativity to give each photo a distinctive look for the memory that follows.

LG Pocket Photo Snap - Pink
LG Pocket Photo Snap – Pink

The LG Pocket Photo Snap does not restrict you to use its camera for shots and prints. You can also connect it with your smartphone and PC tablets via Bluetooth to print out other beautiful moments that were captured separately.

You can expect an excellent print in the quality of your photos with the in-camera five million pixel resolution.

Hosik Kim, Product Director, LG Home Entertainment said:

“The Pocket Photo Snap provides differentiated value in capturing, preserving and sharing life’s memorable moments. Through this handy device, LG will continue setting benchmarks for the instant camera and mobile printer industry and redefine market expectations.”

The print size for the Pocket Photo Snap is 50 per cent bigger (2.5″ x 3.7″) than the typical 1.8″ x 2.4″ of a Polaroid-style film.

The photo paper has a “transparent coating to protect against humidity and age,” and the coating also makes the print “water-resistant”, which helps to preserve the condition of the photos for a longer period.

The LG PC389 Pocket Photo Snap is now available in Blue and Pink at S$249 each. A packet of 36-piece photo paper is priced at S$29.

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