Speedoc today announced it is now part of the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) regulatory sandbox – Licensing Experimentation and Adaptation Programme (LEAP).

As one of the first mobile medicine providers to participate in the regulatory sandbox, Speedoc will work closely with MOH to review workflows, understand service models, and work through risk identification and mitigation strategies in healthcare, while promoting innovation in Singapore’s healthcare landscape.

Under the regulatory sandbox, Speedoc patients and caregivers will benefit from early access to new healthcare models consistent with the regulatory ethos of MOH. Speedoc will also be able to introduce new healthcare models or evolve its current models in a safe manner, with early visibility over the eventual regulatory environment. This will also help them to meet patient safety and welfare requirements, and transition more seamlessly into the eventual regulatory framework.

CEO and Founder of Speedoc, Dr Shravan Verma said:

“As one of the first on-demand mobile medicine providers in Singapore, joining the MOH regulatory sandbox is a huge step forward for us. We started Speedoc to meet the demand for healthcare services in patients’ homes or offices, so they can avoid overcrowded GPs and A&E departments. We look forward to working together with MOH to develop more timely, fit-for-purpose and effective regulations and promote innovation in local healthcare while prioritising patient safety and privacy.”

Speedoc is a mobile application that brings a house call doctor directly to the location of your choice, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Doctors can be requested via the app, or by calling the patient support line. Speedoc offers a full suite of affiliated patient care services, including fast access to Farrer Park Hospital’s (FPH) Emergency Clinic and immediate consult with their specialists.Users can benefit from online, synced patient medical records for all visits, trustworthy home medical care when it is inconvenient to visit a GP clinic or hospital, and priority access to partner clinics.

During a patient call, patients are matched with a Speedoc doctor, an SMC registered medical practitioner, whose name and picture will appear on the app. Patients can contact the doctor through in-app messaging and calls, to communicate questions, concerns and relevant medical information. During a Speedoc house call, the doctor will diagnose a patient’s condition, and prescribe medication on the spot or provide a prescription to pick up at a pharmacy of choice.

Speedoc services are available island-wide in Singapore, with additional late-night surcharges from 8pm – 8am, and locations like Jurong Island, Sentosa and Changi Airport.

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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